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    Such beauty

    Took this today in a garden...CC welcome
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    Puppy love

    Saw this couple at a carnaval thought it was cute...CC welcome
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    Picture of a horse I took today, CC welcome.
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    Cows... CC welcome
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    Downy Woodpecker

    Nice indeed
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    the bunting i've been wunting

    beautiful and beautifully done
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    A New One For Me

    Nice and such cute birdies
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    Crazy weather today.

    very well done
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    Dutch farmland

    Simple but effective I thought. Taken in Dutch farm lands. Used more vibrance in post processing then I normally would but it seemed to fit. CC welcome
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    New Sunset

    Its not bad but I wonder about other angles, the tree is a bit overbearing to me. Also I dont know how you postprocessed it but maybe you added to much clarity or something?
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    Magic forest.

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    Two from a hike in Norway

    Very nice! I just personally think they would be better without the person in it, just the beautiful landscape
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    City view

    Taken at night in my city Den Bosch, Holland CC welcome
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    The tree that didnt Burn!

    Wow love the colored ones, the black and white one I dont think is very interesting