Jun 9, 2013
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Bleary-eyed and raggedy-tailed Sep 10, 2014

    1. danbob6
      A friend of mine has been trying unsuccessfully to sign-up for TPF. She completed the sign-up process, but never received the 'confirming email.' On this past Saturday she wrote to Terri asking for her help in completing the process, but hasn't heard back. Is this something you can help with, and if not, who would you suggest I contact?

    2. bulldurham
      This is his last response: Deny it all you like. You threw a fit because you didn't want anyone taking your lime light. You act like a little jealous girl who didn't want her younger siblings in her frame while she was singing into a plastic microphone
    3. bulldurham
    4. pgriz
      Uh on. Moderator! That means I cannot, must not, misbehave. Congratulations - don't know when the privilege was bestowed, but that power is in capable hands.
      1. limr likes this.
      2. limr
        Thanks, Paul! I promise to use my powers for, um, good ;) :D
        Jan 17, 2017
        pgriz likes this.
    5. pgriz
      My cell is 514-894-5588 if we need to actually plan a meeting (ie, time, place, distinguishing characteristics to recognize each other, etc.). I also am not yet sure where we will be staying, as I have several cousins and an aunt in the New City & Congers areas.
    6. pgriz
      Both my wife and I have work on Monday, the 19th, so whatever we do will have to accommodate a 6-hour drive on Sunday afternoon/evening/night. Anyways, if you and Buzz are around and we can meet, at least for a half hour or so, that would be really neat.
    7. pgriz
      Hi Leonore! As promised, I am letting you know when I will be in the NY area. One of my uncles is celebrating his 50th anniversary (with his wife, natch...) on September 17. I have no idea at this point what the schedule is going to be, but if we have our (ie, me and my wife) druders, I'd like to be in NY city on Sunday (the 18th), although that MAY be pre-empted by family obligations.
    8. Gary A.
      Gary A.
      I had to reportee to Mary Lou the conversation between you and Brian just to get to the, "... clutching your pearls.", classic Ms. Rodriguez (with a 'z'). Mary Lou just busted up. I now have another stolen line that I can toss at people.
      1. limr likes this.
      2. limr
        You're welcome ;)
        Mar 24, 2015
    9. limr
      Bleary-eyed and raggedy-tailed
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