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    I leave you alone for a while...

    Yeh, I knew I should have gone out yesterday instead of putting it off! I was at the Reading Museum over the weekend for a picnic and got sunburn so have been trying to avoid daylight ;)
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    I leave you alone for a while...

    Awesome :) I think i am about to die of boredom where I am right now :D What a miserable day outside!
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    I leave you alone for a while...

    I haven't been around for the longest time and everything's changed in my absence!!! It does look great though! Hope you're all well?? I was busy having a baby :) Lisa xxx
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    Hong Kong Street Cat - June 2010

    How fabulous! I love these! Especially the 3rd and 5th! Nicely done.
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    I have a new blog!

    I have a new blog which I am trying to get attention for but it is SLOW going right now! I am giving away $20.00 worth of pizza vouchers to people who enter the giveaway on the blog and thought i'd see if anyone here wanted to come over and look? U.S only for the giveaway, everyone for the...
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    Single Portrait...C&C Welcomed

    I like this, but im not too sure about the focus. I see that it is focuses on the face, which is great, but my attention is drawn to the pink in the center. I'd like to see a little more focus toward the middle but other than that, a nice shot :)
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    Cool Sprocket Holes

    OH i love that! What scanner do you use?
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    Cold Chains

    I love the colours in this!
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    The Lady in the Snow!

    Thanks :) I appreciate the good thoughts! As for my dog - she's like this HUGE bundle of energy, I'm lucky to have a photo of her at all heheh...the other 20 i took had no face let alone ears :D She LOVES the snow! She's a German Shepherd Pitt mix and so she's born for this weather. That...
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    I love love love that photo! It absolutely works for me!
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    Anticipation (C&C)

    At the moment it focuses on the biscuit, which makes me feel like the dog isn't getting it. If you had the biscuit sharp, as is, but we were able to see the dogs longing eyes, that would work for me...I don't like the blur this side of the biscuit. I can see where you were going with this...
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    The Lady in the Snow!

    We've had an awful lot of snow in PA this past few weeks and so I took a few photos. Not entirely good ones mind, but I did meet an interesting lady who wanted me to take a photo of her as she walked away!! It was weird, but she was so happy because it was like the end of the world. So quiet...
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    Music Video

    I won't tell him you said that, he can't stand NIN! hehehe
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    January '10 Photo Challenge - "Musically Inclined"

    Would you like an autograph!? :D