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    I need c&c from everyone asap

    I'm not everyone...but I'll put in an opinion. Nice that you have someone that will work with you, helps to learn, I like the poses but as has been mentioned, the harsh light is unfortunate, and cutting of the limbs, and the backgrounds.
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    New Summer Pictures of My Little Girl

    I'm not a fan of the tilt...but that aside these are amazing captures. Nice work.
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    June 2009 - Photo of the Month Nomination Thread

    Superman Celebration 2009 Costume Contest by ClarkKent
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    Superman Celebration 2009 Costume Contest

    Nice work, I like the processing you did with it.
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    EXIF reader??

    I use KUSO and it works good for me.
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    Olympus E-520 Macro?

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the live view....I hardly ever use it, but for macro work it is great.
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    :lol: Oh man! But yeah, car photography is all about lighting and surroundings. Very clean cars. What type of car photography? Sitting still? Moving? Show cars? Race cars?
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    Olympus E-520 Macro?

    What he said. :thumbup: The ZD 50 is a great lens. And with an externsion tube it becomes a super macro. But you will get good photos with the 1.8 manual, just use a tripod, and be prepared to take a lot of test shots as it will be difficult to focus with the small viewfinder.
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    Ittybitty Actions is a Supporting Vendor!

    No actions for Photoshop Elements? :(
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    Baby photo

    I can't decide on the orienation for this photo, the first is how it was taken, but I think I like the second....
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    Why Is This Wedding Image Unusual?

    The Groom seems to be smiling?
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    Frustrated about flash... PLEASE HELP!

    Good info Steph and Sherman. I use the cactus wireless triggers on my Olympus and they work fine, I have one Olympus flash and one off brand and it triggers them with no problem.
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    Wednesday the cat's first portrait.

    Is it Wednesday so you took a picture of a cat...or is the cat named Wednesday? :lmao: Nice shot.