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    Devil's Dictionary

    I think your reaction is a bit extreme, and I hardly think my comment offended these "millions" of users. If 'they' are true "artists" then surely they don't need the ratification of others. Well that is how I feel about my deviantART work anyway. It was a JOKE, don't be so thin-skinned and...
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    Devil's Dictionary

    Eye rolling on standby.
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    Devil's Dictionary

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    Devil's Dictionary

    Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.
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    Door to Door.

    Awesome. I love everything about this. If it was me I would photoshop out the letterbox on the right door, maybe copy a bit from the left door over it. Nice one!
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    Post a picture of yourself

    Lomo-tastic. We need a lomography gallery, though I don't see much of it on here so maybe not, as I think I would be the only who would post in it.
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    You can ignore this.

    I really like #1 the reflection in the bodywork is cool and the shape of the exhaust just exposed is sweet too. Wouldn't look out of place in any car mag. I also like #4, except the sign is very distracting, I would of gone and taken it down. haha only jk
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    Some Friends' Cars

    Very cool stuff indeed. Magazine worthy definitely. Some almost look HDR, are they? I really like the dof on the corba shots (50mm is great isnt it). I would love some even more extreme angles as well, make the cars look even more imposing and menacing in the shots, and perhaps some better...
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    Any help with this one would be appreciated too. I am totally at a loss on whether I like it or not. And my girlfriend said this one is too "muddy" whatever that means...what do you think.
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    Wow thank your for the high praise there Trenton Romulox. I'm glad you got the point of what I was trying to do with this one. I do get very bored of the perfectly shot and technically correct flower photos you see so often. I quite often find them uninspiring, and forgettable. I'm only just...
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    Opinions...c&c wanted :)
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    Photographic memory

    Some pictures of my friends performing a small gig at my local. My friend asked me to take my Slr along and take a couple shots and he said he wanted "shadowy". I didn't spend any time composing the shots as I did not want to distract from the performance, I literally placed the camera on the...
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    Mirror effect potrait

    Maybe "Myspace" would be more your thing.
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    Yes I see what you mean, but i was going for the horizontal third with the light :)
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    Urban London

    All nice. I especially love your skys, im only just getting into proper post processing after moving from film to digital. How do you create that effect? Is it using High dynamic range and merging several images of various exposures? Also how do you create the effects on the final image? Would...