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    Exploding Ice

    Neat idea, well exocuted. #2 is incredible!
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    Riot On The Streets!

    #6 is my personal fave, but all are great action shots!
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    Some more assorted Seattle pics

    #2 works best for me too. Im a sucker for angles and skies like that.
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    Your FAVOURITE photo (or photos)

    Great shots everyone! Here are my two favorites so far, which pale in comparison to all of your shots!!!!
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    Mr. & Mrs. Ed

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    Colour Architecture Series

    #3 is my personal fave, nice colors and composition in that one!
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    Picture of My Car (c&c Please)

    Im not a fan of the crop as well. The sign in the background is also distracting as is the corner of the rear right light, I would have cropped those out.
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    Beautiful. Love the light and silhouette, almost looks like he is praying (although not in a typical Muslim fashion).
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    My first paying job!

    I see some people offered the OP some tips, which is the correct thing to do. The rest of you are just flat out cruel. It was obvious it was their first paying job, and theyre here to learn. Offer them some helpful hints w/o the smart ass "I cant believe they paid for those" crap. Rude.
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    Build em to drive em (11 images)

    You think #2 is wild? Check out these!!!! :hail:
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    Build em to drive em (11 images)

    Thanks all! And yes, theyre called "rat rods" by the mainstream, "traditional rods" by the builders. The rat rod term is rather new, many dislike it.
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    ottawa roofscape

    I like this. You definitely captured the colder feeling you were trying to achieve. It looks to be exposed rather nicely too, minus the RH side of the clock. Im not sure about the bottom section of the photo though. I dont know what it is, maybe a tighter crop would work?
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    My unwashed car :)

    There are many places in Ohio that are gorgeous! Try the Hocking Hills area at sunset, along the Flats in Cleveland, etc, etc, etc, etc. As for this photo, its OOF. Id suggest using a tripod in low light conditions, eliminating camera shake.
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    Amazing composition and colors! You have every reason to love that shot, its fab!