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    Which was the first digital camera you ever owned?

    Canon Powershot S40, purchased for ~$800 in 2001. Died after about a year and a half...
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    Anybody try the K5?

    Ive had my k5 since October and I love it. I do not know much about the D7000, but this site has a comparison between the two: Nikon D7000 vs Pentax K-5 Perhaps another camera store has one in stock, so you can hold one before purchasing.
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    Snowboarding in Fernie

    I have to agree with Mike, these look underexposed to me. I'd like to see the backgrounds a little brighter. Aside from that, I think #4 turned out the best. The subject looks sharp while the background is slightly blurred. Nice work. I love Fernie, great hill. What do you use to protect...
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    Undo "sucked in” effect

    Oops! I just saw that this was done on a phone so never mind my previous post. Looks like your SOL.
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    Undo "sucked in” effect

    There is no way your going to be able to undo this effect. If the file is on a windows 7 machine, you can try right clicking on the file > properties > previous versions. Will any luck you may be able to access the unedited file.
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    So I got a Pentax K5.....

    Sweet, I want one! Where did you find this?
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    Sagemax extended warranty – good or bad?

    I looked into this when I bought my K5, there was a lot of mixed reviews and when I inquired with Mack they told me that the Warrenty started on the purchase date. I concluded it wasn't worth it as Pentax Canada already offers 2 year Warrenty. I actually think Nikon does as well. One thing I...
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    Pentax lenses

    Hey Nick, take a look at this article on cheap Macro for Pentax. CHEAP MACRO -- Buying or exploiting a lens for ultraclose work - The site also has a lens review database.
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    Pentax K-5 review

    I don't know too much about the 60d but this site gives a side by side comparison : Canon 60D vs Pentax K-5 I've only owned my k5 for a couple of months and I've been really impressed so far. Great high iso performance, dynamic range, build quality and ergonomics are some of the things that...
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    Shooting a wedding.

    If you shot in RAW, then you can change the white balance in post.
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    Do you carry your camera?

    Nah, I only take it with me when I think I might want to use it.
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    Equipment, tools, gadgets and anything else.

    Keep shooting, eventually you'll figure out your style and what area of photography you enjoy the most. If you asked me 10 years ago, I would have said people but if you ask me today I'd say nature.
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    Some of my b&w after a little editing.

    I totally agree, I've read some of your threads and not only are you supporting your daughters emerging passion but you are getting involved and I think that's awesome.
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    which film camera do u have?

    I used a Pentax K1000 when I was learning film, it's a solid camera. The k1000 is a manual camera, no auto. If you go with a pentax, you can still use your lenses on a DSLR if you decide to go digital in the future. A film camera might be a cheaper set up, developing yourself is fairly...
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    a horrible chapter in our endeavor to become illustrious world famous photographers

    I feel your pain, I remember going out with my k1000 thinking that I was rocking it only to find out that not a single shot turned out. Oh well, the joys of film. When I worked at Walmart, we could scan b&w to cd-rom. Sure that was 6-7 years ago, but I have a hard time believing that they...