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    Creepy clown

    ewwww it is creepy. clowns are mad gross
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    The title is up to you

    yay!!!! i love that you used my title. well kinda. lil collabopration haha
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    The inner struggle

    i love it. and i do think the blown out look works for this.,
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    happy easter

    nah i was just messing around. aha. tmi - too much information and dying the egg was the concept.
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    happy easter

    lil' widescreen view wont hurt anybody. sorry for the TMI, actually im not. i was trying to be creative.
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    NY Auto show

    cars really look like they are from the future
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    he Battle of Britain Monument

    they all look 3d, amazing.
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    Cool Your Jets Man!

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    Beastie Boys don't shop here..

    is that old navy? i dont get the beastie boys reference. nice dof, though.
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    Sharjah Eye

    #1 is great
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    happy easter

    get it? oh yeah, the photo hasn't been edited. except those black bars. my pee is orange, im that glamorous. or maybe the medicine from my bladder infection made it that way. ahhh yes, the latter. theres an egg in there. get it?
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    My first upload. =]

    cutie!! im from collingswood. its like, right next to camden.
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    My first upload. =]

    when people think of new jersey they think of that? no wonder everyone hates us and makes fun of us. not everyone from new jersey is like that. trust me. actually i dont really know anyone who dresses like that. nj, ftw.
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    One depressing view

    i love the amber colors.
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    you might want to sit down

    so amzing. HDR?