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    Are camera phones as good as digital cameras?

    my cellphone camera works great for me. its a note ultra 20.
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    Black Bear family naptime

    ohh they are so cute the little ones!
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    New Camera

    nice shot! I hope you shoot a lot more! do you shoot only plants or other things as well?
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    Getting credit for bad photos

    ohhh such a mess! well you could tell her to tag you in only your pictures.
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    Best camera for online t-shirt/poster printing

    you can even order the pictures of your likes, and hire even models, that they will shoot the pictures of your likes, from that site for very low price in case you want to do it in mass production, so can cut down the costs.
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    Best camera for online t-shirt/poster printing

    well, you could take a brand new phone with very nice cameras on contract so you don't have to pay it immediately. also you could use some photo editing services on fiverr if you don't know to do it by your self.
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    Is Photography your Hobby, Passion or Profession.

    Me I do it as a hobby. I like to capture beautiful moments with my mobile, and I edit them later to relax and see them from a different angle.
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    Hello from Cyprus

    ohhh, me I am on the Greek side of the Island. I was just 1 time to Girne. its nice, but underdeveloped. maybe you should give us a visit in the south. its more developed. specially Limassol.
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    Hello from Cyprus

    here is another one. no filters or anything
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    Hello from Cyprus

    Hello eveybody, I am Nick, hobbyist photographer based in Cyprus.