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    Reflection in Australian river

    so guys,what do you think of this? criticism very welcome does the diagonal line in the bottom right corner annoy you a lot?
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    12 Apostles (never really 12 though)

    so, what do you guys think of this? i took it on my great ocean road tour wish i would have had more time to experiment
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    Photos of Abby

    seen your pics across the forum..just adore them.... the eyes are stunning in the last shot..that is my favourite
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    Australia by night

    i am on a gap year in Australia and have started taking pictures of cities by night i am still learning how to use shutter speed what do you think? 1. perth 2. perth 3. melbourne 5. derby
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    New pics of my daughter C&C desparately needed

    wow your daughter is BEAUTIFUL AND PHOTOGENIC, lucky she looks too serious in photo 4 i think...that is why i do not like it that much, but the others ones are great in photo 6 the brown blotch (tree or something) is a bit should maybe remove that
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    Post a picture of yourself

    took this of myself yesterday
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    cat portrait

    hmm i am confused..what does that mean? :confused:
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    A Cowboy is born

    i love the first one... would be even better without the man leading the horse...
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    cat portrait

    thanks wildmaven :D kundalini :lol:....ok.... ssshhhh thanks..... funny i actually like #1 better, but now i get your point about the eyes..i might reconsider...
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    Children in Mongolia

    that is a relief and thanks :D wildmaven, yes she is so cute....they all are... oh and by the way..they are not houses the nomads live in gers/yurts (kind of tent)
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    Children in Mongolia

    that's weird...i can can anybody else see them?
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    cat portrait

    today i was in quite a bad mood so i decided to take shots of my cat, cause that always cheers me up just ignore her nose...she hurt herself 1. 2.
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    Osprey with dinner! got him with a fish...:thumbup:
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    Children in Mongolia

    During my trip to Mongolia i met a few children. THey were eager to have their picture taken and very photogenic. They loved to see their picture on the display of my camera. Any comments? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
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    A trip to the zoo in Vienna

    thanks :wink: had albino ones, but this one isn't one