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    Photo of the month - Winner for March is...

    Thank you, Sir. They really shouldn't be competing - yours is in the Art category and mine is more of a sensationalist cheesy shot :lol: Marc
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    Photo of the month - Winner for March is...

    Yes, I process many of my shots for color saturation, balance, contrast and shadow recovery/deepening. I pumped these up for my buddies in the fire department. Here are more form the same day: July 14, 2007 These will give a better idea of the accurate images vs. the enhanced.
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    Photo of the month - Winner for March is...

    I will humbly say thank you, while adding that there were two other images that I think were far better and more deserving. Marc
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    What Macro Lens Could Do This?

    The photographers skill and experience is what makes this shot special to you. There are many truly great lenses out there, but.......... Marc
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    Anyone know this?

    So, should I assume from your comments that his range of potential pricing is incorrect? Marc
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    Who is the "everyone" you are referring to? The people trying to get his money? To answer your question in one word: No. I have been paid very well for usage rights for my images in magazines like Sunset, Westways and Playboy along with countless corporate brochures and highway billboards...
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    Harbor scene

    Yep, some images work and some just don't. Thanks for taking the time to add your comments. Marc
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    Harbor scene

    That's a good call - no need for hesitancy! You're right, I clearly see the collision now that you point it out. I was always looking to place the rock in an image to attract tourist sales - which in turn caused me to lose perspective. I sincerely appreciate the critique. Marc
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    April 2009 POTM Nomination thread!

    I just discovered this section of the forum: Ancient City by Roger
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    Jeepers Creepers

    Now this is a fun series to look at! I really like how you explored the possibilities here, and it is difficult for me to pick a "best" because each one can stand on it's own, without being a part of the series. Nice....... Marc
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    Nature's Grove

    Steve, This is one sweeeet shot. I like everything about it - nice work! Marc
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    Harbor scene

    I appreciate the comment, many people don't really like this type of image.
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    Color versus black and white

    I just can't get into B&W ;)
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    Harbor scene

    Updated image
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    Church HDR attempt

    It all depends on what you were going for - I think that David said it well. If it were mine, I would just have to see how it looked with some of the vertical distortion corrected and touch of clean up on the colors. (I just played with it and I think removing some of the color tinge from the...