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    How to make such portrait lightning?

    Sorry to say this, but if the goal is too look less childish and more professional, I think the lighting is a minor aspect. The way the clothes fit, the chair apparently too low for the table, and even facial expression are all screaming "unprofessional". (I'm judging by the still shot. I...
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    Mirror Mirror

    Just curiosity (certainly not criticism) but is my sense of where vertical is that far wrong? Judging based on horizontal water, it looks to me like the bird actually was leaning for real and the bird's lean in the picture would be increased by correcting for true vertical.
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    compatibility of ring flashes

    I don't want to misrepresent things. I'm not a photographer worthy of the name. I likely never will be. I'm just a guy trying to take some semi-competent photographs. That would not be hard if I needed to. Most of my experience has been trying to limit the severe shadows from direct light...
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    compatibility of ring flashes

    Most of the ones I looked at online, including the one I selected, let you set a ratio between the two sides, including the choice of one side being off entirely or being 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8 the power of the other side. Since the instructions are so bad, I am not 100% clear on how that really works...
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    compatibility of ring flashes

    I'm glad to say no. I'm pretty ignorant on the topic. But even so, I think I understand good reasons why it would be a terrible choice for portrait photography. My hope was to fill two objectives with one reasonably priced device (don't yet know whether it will fill either): Macro: Usually...
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    compatibility of ring flashes

    I made a fairly random guess and bought one (I can return it if I quickly determine it was a big error). I tried very hard to research the question and failed, then guessed. I am confused over just about every aspect of it. The instructions were written using English words, but by someone who...
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    How did you hear about - Film and Digital Photography Forum

    I googled the word "forum" together with one of the subtopics of photography that I wanted to ask about (I've already forgotten which subtopic), and selected the first result google gave.
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    New Lens- new direction

    In context "would 600mm be long enough" felt like more of a joke than a question. The relevant question might have been "would 600mm be too long". (but I wasn't assuming you even needed to ask any question). I'd like to learn something here myself, relevant to the original suggestion: "the...
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    Camera purchase decision, need help!

    What kinds of photos do you expect to take? (Ordinary size) subjects near or far away? Subjects moving or stationary? Hand held camera or tripod? I recently bought an a7 iii with a 28-70 lens and a 105 macro lens. Probably I made the wrong choice selecting full frame, but I'm far from sure...
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    Mystery Photo

    I had no clue, then once the answer was given, I looked again. The knowledge of what it is totally changes what I see. It is now so visually obvious what it is, that it is hard to remember what I thought I was seeing when it wasn't obvious. I understand that knowledge really does influence...
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    Through a not very clean window

    For my first test photos, I used a shrub in direct sunlight, so the parts that had the right angle to reflect light back to the camera were completely blown, while I used the rest of the photo to look for evidence of problems due to the window, which I didn't find. I didn't want to post that...
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    Through a not very clean window

    I am wondering how bad it is (when it too cold or wet to get the shot outside) to shoot through a window that isn't terribly clean. More importantly what would I look at when I examine the result on a computer that would tell me how much worse the image is as a result of the window? I've only...
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    Please critique my plant photos

    I do appreciate constructive advice, even though I tend to question it. I may circle back to entirely taking some of the advice and/or it may influence what I do despite my not taking it as immediate marching orders.
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    Please critique my plant photos

    "small" aperture? Are we using the word "small" in the same direction? A small number for the aperture (f2.8) is a big aperture. Once I have flowers again in my garden, I expect photos like that will be easier than before because of my Sigma105mm 2.8 Macro lens. With my Canon, I could never...
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    Please critique my plant photos

    Getting a sharper cutoff to the DOF still matters to me. I also what focus stacked panoramas when I take scenery photos on vacation, so I want to figure out the method. For these very well aligned photos, I tried using just the focus stacking command rather than panorama merging, and still got...