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    Curious Robin...An HDR by NJ

    The colors pop, the HDR was done with class, and isn't overpowering like the majority of HDR's, the DOF looks nice (although it looks fake how shallow the background is, which I assume was post), and the subject is isolated from the background nicely (albeit done by fake shallow DOF). Though the...
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    Two AZ Panoramaz.

    7844x1984 for the first one, and 710x1696 for the second.
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    Quebec Bridge (2 pics) - Special for you engineers out there!

    The softness of the water really makes the second one stand out in my opinion. Was the water really that calm or was it just from the shutter speed being slow? The only reason why I asks is because there isn't very much motion blur on the boats.
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    Two AZ Panoramaz.

    Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Prescott Valley, Arizona
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    Another beach shot.

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    Portrait :)

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    Sunset Skate Session

    No, it was because you were the ultimate jerk on that forum, and you challenged someone way better than you to a film off. It's quite funny that you made a topic asking to get banned and are now acting as if it wasn't your fault, and nightlifemike is just abusing power.
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    Sunset Skate Session

    I think the colors look great. You obviously have lighting down... just tell the kid to take the ollie to something bigger, and capture it a little bit later in the ollie when he is either leveled out or boning it out. I just think that ollies that are pointing up look funny, no offense. It's...
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    Scenic Portraits

    Bump. What is the deal?
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    Skateboarding shots.

    Here are some shots I have taken of skateboarding:
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    Scenic Portraits

    These were for a team shoot for a local skateboard shop that I work at. This is one that more suites the skateboard theme: And here's a little design I made for the header for his page on the shop website:
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    Second actual portrait attempt.

    Any critique or suggestions?
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    My friends *10 pics*

    Nice flicks, but you should tell your friends that smoking is incredibly harmful to their lungs.
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    Second actual portrait attempt.

    No, that is the original background.
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    Second actual portrait attempt.

    I took a few pictures of my girlfriend for a photography assignment. This was the only one that I ended up liking: (I know she is a little dark)