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    Which Games you are currently Playing Now?

    SSX is the name of the game, but it is short for snowboard super cross.
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    Just a Girl and Her Canon... And a Boy with His Glock

    The gun might not of even been loaded for all we know. unless that has been said ( have not read the whole thread)
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    My primary interest that i do everyday is surfing, without surfing i would a very different person for the worse. When I'm not surfing I'm either playing guitar, skateboarding, taking photos or filming. But if there is any swell all other things come second.
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    Photos for C&C

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    Photos for C&C

    Went to stradboke island a couple of weeks ago, and here are some of the photos 1. Stradbroke Island by MClarkePhotos, on Flickr 2. Cylinder's view by MClarkePhotos, on Flickr 3. Straddie Panorama by MClarkePhotos, on Flickr
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers - I'm With You

    Yes I agree. Josh has definitely bought a new sound to the band which I thoroughly enjoy. It is a shame that john left but i think the new member bought a fresh new feel to the band, so hopefully there are a couple more albums to come.
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    Sun rise!

    Thanks for the replies everyone!
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    Sun rise!

    Here are two shots of the sun rising that I took while on Heron Island. Any comments appreciated. #1 Sunrise by MClarkePhotos, on Flickr #2 Sunrise #2 by MClarkePhotos, on Flickr I think with the Second shot i should crop some of the bottom out?
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    3 New pictures

    Well it has been some time since i have posted in here. anyway three pictures i have taken recently. #1 Break Down by MClarkePhotos, on Flickr #2 Heart by MClarkePhotos, on Flickr #3 Light Stream by MClarkePhotos, on Flickr
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    Firmware version

    Hi does anybody have firmware version 1.1.0 for the canon 500D that they could email me or a link that i could download it from. the reason for this is because after upgrading the firmware it takes 5 seconds to record a RAW image. Or if anyone has another way of fixing this please help. thank you.
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    Recording time

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    Recording time

    Oh and do would you be able to tell me how to do a hard reset. thank you
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    Recording time

    I format the card after every shoot, the noise reduction is on standard. I don't know what dark frame is so.. no? This only started when i upgraded the firmware to 1.1.1. so maybe I will reset the camera?
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    Recording time

    No I am not, it is very quick with any of the JPEG sizes. Edit - do you think it could be the memory card?
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    Recording time

    So I have lately noticed that when i shoot RAW the camera takes about 5seconds to record the image. The camera I have is a canon 500D and I am using a sandisk sdhc card. Please tell me if I am worrying about something i shouldn't be or if this is normal. cheers, Matt