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    Hello all!

    Welcome to TPF!
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    Starting back up

    Welcome to TPF!
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    New to forums

    Welcome to TPF!
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    The Coffee House

    Thor gives my American bulldog hell.
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    The Coffee House

    Got a new pup 2 weeks ago. Teacup chiuahua my wife named Thor all 1 pound of him.
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    The Coffee House

    I did that yesterday and today. :D
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    How does he do it? Light and proper exposure or split toning?

    I just watched the entire video and was going to say the same thing. This is a two light setup with the sun. But true, nothing fancy here and not a bad price for a setup like that with TTL.
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    How does he do it? Light and proper exposure or split toning?

    Decent size modifier is what I'm going with along with having it relatively close to the subject.
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    Hi from Canada

    Welcome to TPF!
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    Photography Foot off the Gas

    I run a weekly contest on another board and the winner will pick a theme for the challenge that week. At the end of that week the last weeks winner gets to pick a new winner. Due to not everyone participating every week we get a well rounded group of people that come up with decent challenges...
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    He uploaded that one file for you to Dropbox. Which is a personal file transfer website. If you click the link you will be able to get the file you want.
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    The Coffee House

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    Buy a customed built computer or build a computer?

    Got tired of all the crap with windows also and bought a macbook 5 years ago. Still works like the day I bought it. Got a 27" iMac in March of this year. I now enjoy being able to get things done instead of upgrading something or figuring out why something isn't working right.
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    I hope you chuckle a bit too.

    I saw one one time hauling another companies tow truck. lol
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    The Coffee House

    I thought all of them did? Not tonight, I hid the new stash of stuff I bought today.