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    LumoPro LP120 Manual Flash?

    Yea, the LP120 has been replaced with the LP160. Depending on what you want, it is an excellent flash. It is a flash designed for strobist work, and is set up completely manually (unless they changed things significantly with the 160). If you want a manual flash, then this one is ace. If...
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    fisheye or ultrawide?

    I bought the Sigma 10-20 a couple weeks ago and took it with me to Colorado for a business trip. I ended up being really disappointed with it for two reasons. First, the distortion around the edges is pretty bad. I didn't think it would bother me, and it's not the worst thing in the world...
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    Washington State Pics for C&C

    Thanks for the thoughts. In #1, I was a couple miles north of the airport, so it's likely that it's contrails. I was just happy to have SOMETHING in the sky for some reflection and contrast lol. It's the middle piling where like three overlap that I don't like. If they were either...
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    Washington State Pics for C&C

    First time offering up for C&C. Color me nervous. I recently went to Washington State for a business trip, and got a night and a day to myself, so of course I took my camera with me. I ended up with three pictures I really liked, so here they are. #1 Sunset on Puget Sound. I spend an...
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    Dreamscape + End of the rope.

    I really like the black nothing in 2, it contributes to the feelings of alienation, loneliness and despair. If anything, in a large version I might add more distance. Mel
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    Apple iPad great for photographers?

    I mention the HP Slate before. Linkie - The HP Slate -- Engadget Also there's another competitor, called the WePad. Linkie - Apple iPad? How about a little German innovation instead Now that I've looked, I think I'm actually going to be looking at the WePad. It has the same processor as my...
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    Apple iPad great for photographers?

    I'm planning on getting a Slate (HP's offering) probably. While the iPad will benefit from a port of Adobe's camera editing app from the iPhone version, it's the complete lack of an SD card slot or a USB port that kills it for me. These tablets don't have powerful processors or large...
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    I dunno how close you are to that tree, or if it was a vaca or what, but if I were you...? I'd grab some off camera flash, a red gel or some other colors and go back at night. Set the camera low to bring it out of the background, long exposure to get some night behind it, and then flash it...
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    Bulk & quality vs. portability and "having a camera"

    I'm currently struggling with this question myself. I'm considering getting an S90 or G11 to take with me on business trips (I travel for work) and for daily carry. I frequently find that there are times where I wish I had a camera, but wasn't carrying my DSLR due to bulk. I usually take the...
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    New Lens 1st shoot *c&c please*

    Feel free to take my comments with a grain of salt, as I am highly amateur. The ones that I really liked were 6-10. Especially 6. I think the biggest difference between the ones I liked and the ones I did not was the background and the framing. The background in 6, and the framing was...
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    CFL and color temperature

    I got it now. I'm just going to take it back and get the 50 mm 1.8 prime instead with the store credit. My flashes are apparently between 5600K - 5900K, and due to the issues you brought up and that fact that I really don't want to get into color temperature problems means it would just be...
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    CFL and color temperature

    Well, I carefully read my receipt this morning and discovered that returns are only for store credit, and this store doesn't really have anything I want. I guess I'll be doing some more research into color balanced CFL's today! I'll check out Alzo, thanks Don. Mike, I have no plans for...
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    Cactus Trigger/Receivers

    I have an LP120 as well. I got the whole strobist lighting kit from (that's where I got the cactus switches) sans flashes, and an LP120 later. I wish I hadn't gotten the other flashes I have, and gotten three LP120's instead. I have a Nissin di466 and a used Canon 550EX. The...
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    CFL and color temperature

    Alright, so basically if I decide to keep and use it, I'll need to go all CFL, ideally the same brand and manufacturing lot (as I understand the CFL can vary quite a bit in their temp.). Well, nevermind. I guess I'll take it back tomorrow and save for an Alien Bees set or something. Thanks...
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    CFL and color temperature

    I did a quick search for Flourescent and Softbox and got nothing related, which would seem odd that this hasn't been asked before, but... I picked up a softbox at the local camera store today. All of my currently lighting is based on hot shoe flashes, but it was only $90 bucks and I couldn't...