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    My First C&C Post

    I like it bright and tight. I think your son is adorable too. I think you did a good job editing it, but I only know what I like, and not what is "right." :)
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    Water dragon c&c

    That is very cool. You wouldn't catch me going close to it though. Great shot! :)
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    1,2 and 3 are my favourites. I spent five years in NY and could never get a good bridge shot- something would be in the way, or the weather was bad. Nice job!
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    Three photos (2 from Brazil, one from Dia de los Muertos)

    I feel like I cansee into the soul of the little girl... I love this pic.
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    What do you think!?

    I think they're fabulous... but I can't give any advice because I'm a novice. :)