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    Ha! the magic word, Bird feeder, well I will leave these to you as my dog would munch on the turkeys if I would try to feed them at home!
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    These are good, how did you do to get close to them? I see some at home quite regularily, but no way I can get close enough to get a good shot. The first one is clean and it makes a good contrast on the white background and the feathers are nicely textured, I would be very proud of myself if I'd...
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    A few from the garden

    Incredible close-up, It really makes superb macro shots! I would have needed such a lens a few times to identify some of the bugs in our garden. I specially love your second shot with the tiny eggs.
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    Living in USA/Canada pros and cons?

    Having lived nearly 40 years in Canada and 20 in the USA and being French Canadian, I had the chance to see both sides of the border. Both countries are quite similar and many of their pros and cons have been enumerated already. To that I would add that information in general is much better in...
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    Amazon Prime | Cloud Photo Storage

    I work with dropbox, it is quite efficient and recently they have increased their limit from 100GB to 1TB for $100. per year. But if you already have Amazon prime, you are better off with that deal.
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    Wedding Reception | The Results

    I really like it, the shapes in the background look like little ghost ( probably not intended) but seems like reminders of a happy past. I love the expressions of warmth, joy and tenderness. Focus is good and composition well balanced. Well done!
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    Farm in Boxley AR

    I agree with Dagwood, the sky is too dull and the rest of the picture much more interesting. I would crop just above the white haze. The field with the hay bales is very nice!
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    Who Doesn't Love Goats?

    Better in picture than in reality, I am allergic to goats, but your last picture is really cute!
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    I like the subject, but would prefer to see a bunch of people with their hats off, may be it need a crop and remove the third of the image on the left, crop the top too, and your probably have something.
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    Senior Shots

    I like #2 the contrast really puts her in evidence, #1 pose puts her to her advantage, on # 3 we could see more of her legs and not so much behind her back. The pose is not flattering either. But overall these are good shots, and the idea of putting a sign is good.
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    This is what you don't want to slither across the trail right in front of you...ever

    I would rather miss the shot, don't like these specially when they are beast size!
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    Nikon help!!

    suggestion to get a 60 mm macro lens, that would be an excellent portrait lens and would offer you something more, you already have lenses that cover 35 or 50 mm range. This would add to your options. it stops at F2.8 though.
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    trying to edit w lightroom

    I think the highest clouds are too dark you could just lower the intensity of the filter and it would be fine.
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    trying to edit w lightroom

    What does that have to do with you trying to figure out how to use lightroom? What is it that causes you a problem in lightroom? I don't think that my telling you that you have a great shot will help you with any of your future edits. But I think the picture is interesting, love the lighting and...
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    Another hummingbird photo

    These are both better than the hummingbirds I have been able to capture! I prefer the second one even though the bokeh on the first one is interesting, the bird feeder looks awkward on it. On #2 the contrast makes the eye go to the bird and I love to golden tones of the throat! Focus is rather...