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    What to invest in first. Help please!

    There are a lot of options but do yourself a favor and whatever you buy, buy quality. Buying the same station two or three times because of inferior gear is both frustrating and embarrassing when it fails during a shoot.
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    Contax RTS III problem

    You may not be getting full voltage. Try swabbing the battery compartment with vinegar to get rid of the residue, rince with another couple of swabs. Then lightly coat the the contacts with dielectric grease and install new batteries. Be sure not to let liquid into the camera (don't soak the...
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    Pricing question on 70-200mm Vii

    OK, for those of you who have been looking around at the 70-200mm Vii used, what prices have you seen? Obviously I have one to sell but I may be a little too proud of it. It looks in great shape and the glass is great with no marks or fungus. I was also including a TC-E 17ii that's been used...
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    Problem with Live View Shooting Tethered ?

    Are you using a fully manual lens? In manual mode the camera should focus at the lens' widest aperture and then stop down as the photo is taken. If the lens is physically set to f8 then you loose the light gathering of the wider aperture for focusing and composing.
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    Shooting on film

    Try a micro lens and stitch the results together. Check the large format photography forum for more info (pages and pages). Limber up and Graflex on!!!
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    Aim for the head?

    I aim for the eye and press the af lock button and recompose to make sure the sensor plane is level and square. This saves a lot of time in post processing both in straightening and making architecture look right.
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    Scanners and OSX Yosemite

    An old computer that can be dedicated to an older scanner would be an inexpensive option.
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    There's just something about a huge, bright groundglass

    :) The depth and motion makes it more personal doesn't it. Poor little viewfinders are like looking through a distant window.
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    The Effect of Emotion on Photography

    It's been said that good photos tell a story and I find this to be true. It may be that those angst ridden artists are simply more driven to communicate through their medium. Are you the kind of person who talks though their problems or are you someone who keeps quiet until you've worked things...
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    Speedlite vs Strobe for wedding - Big Venue

    An eight foot light stand with a small umbrella box and an ankle weight on the bottom for stability. Just carry it around with you during the reception. For the wedding you might want to learn to shoot one handed so that you can hold the flash in the other along with a diffuser. This actually...
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    Struggling with Off Camera Lighting/Flash

    The only thing that matters using flash -usually- is the aperture setting. Ettl tries to bump up the power on the flash or increase the aperture on the camera. Unless you have enough power to overcome your camera's shortcomings you'll have issues most of the time. Your best bet is to borrow a...
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    Normal for Wedding Photography?

    Some people like the Paparazzi effect some don't. The real question is whether or not they asked the B&G about it. It's their party after all.
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    Dimly lit Churches

    If you've got the D750 then set it to manual and then the aperture to f5.6, the shutter speed to 60 and set the auto iso some outrageously high number and you'll be good to go. Unless they turn what lights there are off. And it's nighttime with an eclipse. ;)
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    My Nikon AF-S 28-70mm f2.8D (is sick)

    KEH has always been like a cold beer on a hot day.
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    And thus, the infestation begins!

    Sounds like my first wife, she shot canon too.