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    I liked the lighting, hated the b/g

    Yes too my liking it looks underexposed, why dont you try playing with shadows tool in PS or lightroom
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    April 2016 POTM Winner - @oldhippy!

    congratulation, well deserved
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    Speedlites and softboxes, what camera settings for them?

    I also faced similar kind of question when i started out in product photography, but its all started with trial and error. I would suggest just start with whatever you have and try to improve from there. IMO its the best method
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    My flash against the sun.....

    Came really nice. Sent from my vivo Y28 using Tapatalk
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    A few more from the Beach with Sumalee - Bikini shoot

    marvelous shots.very well played model and photographer both Sent from my vivo Y28 using Tapatalk
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    Sienna's first shoot (with me) NSFW

    Good shoot. But windiws size and model lighting do mot match. Window is too small and its aiming to model belly. But I really appreciate the light you handle. Sent from my vivo Y28 using Tapatalk
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    "25 Must See Wedding Photos..." and a llama

    good collection, thanks for the inspiration
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    Lemon Tea Water Splash

    Thanks for the comment I tried position my light but then it was hiding bottle logo So I placed it like that , but may be you are right It should have been narrow not that wide
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    Lemon Tea Water Splash

    Hi, recently Clicked this shot Last Sunday Shoot , the shoot was as usual involved lots of planning , specially the water base. I wanted a base which can hold the water as well as pass light also , So i made it using transparent acrylic sheet and sticking a electrical wire fitting bidding on...
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    Icy chilled cold drink

    thanks for the edit , but I think removing the reflation is making it flat may be not i also tried to do that but then decided to leave it like that , and I made it in blue tone for icy feel , now it's like crystal not ice
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    Icy chilled cold drink

    Thanks fold for the reply and comments , yes I have heard about the glycerin and water mixture , i will try it next time, and bianni I will sure use my DIY style srip box next time here is other shot I also clicked on that same day
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    Icy chilled cold drink

    Hi, This sunday I set up my table top to shoot this icy chilled look cold drink shot, I used three light with soft box one behind and two on both side at 45D, very close to subject. all three softbox were 24" Though My aim was to achieve a advertisement kinda looks which we sees in a...
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    Baby boy portrait shot with DIY setup

    thanks for feed back and comment , I am going to try this shots again with f5 may be next time
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    Baby boy portrait shot with DIY setup

    Thanks traveler for ur feedback, actually I am trying to achieve this look ,can you please help me what I am doing wrong
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    Baby boy portrait shot with DIY setup

    Hi, I am doing photography for a while and love to do DIY setup shots , yesterday I tried photoshoot with my baby boy I used three speedlight and 50mm F2 one on left one right directly on V shape large sheet in front of boy and one hitting background please comment and suggest be how more...