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    What do you think?

    Went out Sunday to take a couple pictures. Haven't really taken any all winter. Wondering what you think?
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    Photo Challenge April '11 - "Water"

    Sent one in. Hope I did it right.
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    Post the dogs.

    Here's Sadie. Turned the pic to b&w and HDR'd it. Here's it in color.
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    Tree on Mt. Scott

    I like it. Looks beautiful
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    I also got a Sunpak tripod for Christmas. Its pretty nice also. Sunpak Platinum Plus 63" Tripod - Tripods - Product Reviews and Prices -
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    First attempt with HDR

    I love shot 4.
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    Did you get any new gear for Christmas?

    I also am getting a remote shutter release. It should be comming this week.
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    Did you get any new gear for Christmas?

    I got a 72mm CPL and a 72mm ND8. I also got a nice tripod.
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    More truth about UV/Protection filters. A comparison challenge. Step up

    Im going with image 1 has the filter. I see some blurring on some of the petals.
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    Lunar Eclipse!

    Is there some way on photoshop cs3 or another way to zoom in and crop the picture? so the moon is larger?
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    Lunar Eclipse!

    I'll try, if I can get up. :lol:
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    Early Mornng Rays of Light

    Amazing picture!! :thumbup:
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    First HDR - C&C Please

    Thank You. That's what I mean, the actual HDR processing.
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    First HDR - C&C Please

    Thank you. Will try that.