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    Light House

    The lighthouse and horizon are actually straight or "level" its just the angle that makes them appear that way!! the lighthouse sits on a pier that starts out straight and then angles to the left. Here is a diffrent view of it and the corner or"turn" is where it takes on the look of being off...
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    Light House

    What is it that you want me to straighten so I can fix it?
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    Light House

    This is the light house In Indiana on Lake Michigan.
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    Water Lily

    I was out in the Yard today and saw that my Water Lily was in bloom.
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    Ducks in a Pond

    This Pair of Mallards decided that my Koi Pond was a good stop over on their migration and they have been here for a couple days now. The problem is that I was cleaning out the pond with half the water drained my poor koi are terrified that they are about to become dinner!!!
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    Chicago @ 4:30am: Series!

    I Love Chicago!!! You have some great shots here for sure. The L stairs are Great, and the person sleeping in the doorway is Very nice. Unfortunatly its a common site these days and it is sad, but it is still A good shot.
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    Screech Owl

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    Tranquil Creek

    Beautiful shots
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    My Momma always said....

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    Birds of a feather

    Here are some pictures I shot today of some of the Local Fowl in one of our Parks. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
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    Great shots jen, I love barns!!
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    Yard In Bloom

    Thanks Corinna, Sad to say that it was on macro, but I don't use the setting much and thought I would give it a try. at least I know what a soft photo means now. I have seen it on other's photos on the forum but did not really understand it until you explained it here. I am working on it though...
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    I want a Challenge :)

    Duncanp I have a challenge for you and its called: "LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING"
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    To Color or Not to Color....??

    I am just not sure if I like it better with original colors or cropped with b&w and some tint adjustment..any suggestions?? Color B&W with tint adjustment
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    Yard In Bloom

    After a wet start to the day, it dried out enough to get some shots of my yard waking up from a winter rest. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Ahhh Spring......