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    Like Photos???

    Probably you guys are again RIGHT! Personally I don't like FB likes and the way people get it by payment! I should look for this sites contests :D Btw, prize for that contest by HSBC was good I think ;-)
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    Like Photos???

    You are right... I also told the authority if you judge depends on LIKES it won't give you the right picture as many people with 800 friends getting 2000 likes within a week. I don't know how! Anyway, they said, initial selection would be based upon this i.e. First Quantity Then Quality...
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    Like Photos???

    Hello Everyone! I am an old member of TPF. Due to personal reasons and busy life with lots of new responsibilities, I left the forum... but when the need came... I felt, You people can really provide great support! A Photography Contest is On-Going...Judgement is based on Facebook LIKES...So...
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    Photo Challenge April '11 - "Water"

    where is the voting poll?
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    What about it? Let's show some good captures :-)
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    House of Argue

    Very good one........but I think I'd have cropped both in the right and the left tighten the house a bit more
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    My take on the Eifel Tower

    Liked this angle :)
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    Boat on a calm lake

    ^ Yeap I agree with that too...technically if I'd taken the exposer from the boad I think that could be achieved.
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    Boat on a calm lake

    Larissa, I acutally kept them as a part of the composition.......
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    Boat on a calm lake

    Thanks for the input.....I'll try those in next sessions :D Can the moderators please put those somewhere in those sections?
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    New black and white landscapes

    Completely agree with you :-)
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    Boat on a calm lake

    Any suggestions? 1) 2)
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    A Few Shots From my First Engagement Session...

    I liked them all...but mostly: 1,3,5. 1st one looks very romantic...3rd one could be better if the girl had shown synchronized expressions. And in the 5th one.....loved that you focused on the ring....but if the face were bit more exposed it could be fantastic!
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    Senior portrait shoot C&C welcome

    Loved the last one most......all others seems very cool....but could be better if it's bit more exposed.