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    Thoughts on Nikon D7000

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    Received the Wrong Lens

    I would have been on the phone right away. Its the right thing to do.
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    Canon 7D - What will I like about it?

    Like Overread said, the autofocus system will take a little time to get set up exactly the way you want. Its way more complex then the XTi. Also, you will really like the lens Microfocus adjustment to really dial in all of your lenses. Sounds like the weight and size will be a welcome...
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    Really liking #2 and #4! Good job.
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    Twilight at the Speed of Light

    Very dramatic! The cloud movement makes it seem all the more dramatic and brooding. Good job!
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    Best lens for blurred backgrounds

    85 1.8, 85 1.2, 135 2.0, 200 2.0. All of these produce very nice out of focus background qualities in my opinion. The 135mm is especially nice IMHO. Do you own a 70-200 2.8? It performs well, but out of focus highlights can be football shaped. That bothers some folks, I am okay with it...
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    D7000 Does Good - From Oops to Saved Photo

    LOL, nice try dip****.
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    beginner camera advice

    500 bucks for a body and macro lens will be pretty hard to do.......especially if only considering brand new items.
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    D7000 Does Good - From Oops to Saved Photo

    Maybe it was the title that was throwing me off. D7000 does good....from oops to saved photo. When a more fitting title would have been I screwed up but sorta fixed it. Camera only does what you told it to do. I guess you just started a post and sorta answered your own post? But yeah...
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    D7000 Does Good - From Oops to Saved Photo

    What was the point then? That you could take any photo, shoot it wrong, play with it in post and turn up with something far from perfect? Enlighten me please.
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    Canon lenses

    ^ I get a link not found message Derrel?
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    $2,500, What to get?

    You won't want the 1.2L for shooting sports. Fantastic lens, but it focuses too slow for sports in my opinion. It is, however, my favorite portrait lens.
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    Nikon D7000 High ISO samples

    Why are we comparing well lit high ISO shots? I like looking at high ISO shots from any manufacturer. I rarely have to shoot above 1600 myself, but the technology is amazing. Anyone got any of their own examples to share of the new Nikon?
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    D7000 Does Good - From Oops to Saved Photo

    Had you shot the correct exposure the first time you might have saved some detail and perhaps not have near the apparent noise from the increased exposure in post. To each there own, but that photo is in need of more processing or a re-shoot.