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    Orange county ,south CA,USA

    Let me know if there is a meet up...Would like to participate in one...
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    ***Fight Club*** Round 60 Voting

    Totally forgot about fight club this week... here is my vote thou: 2010 - OiiiiiiiO Link - cwjones Blown Away - Mishele Extreme - leighthal Picture in Picture - Stamp
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    *** Fight Club *** Round 60 today, 2:00 EST

    Totally forgot about fight club this week... Hopefully next week i'd remember..
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    ***Fight Club**** Round 59 Voting

    Miss this... I would like to start playing... here are my 2cents... Theme 9 - OGDaniel Theme B - GFreg Connection - Mishele...Nice idea!! It is almost over - GFreg A needed break - Butcountershaft
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    new guy here

    Welcome, this is a good place to learn... the book understanding exposure is addition check out some other from your local library...
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    I am back again...

    Wow, it is been a while since my last visit to this place...After relocating to California did not have much time to check on the forum... Hope I can start checking this place again and learn more about photography, a passion that is growing day by day... Regards from California...
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    Fight Club Discussion

    This seems like an interesting thread, If i remember I am in, now 1 question. I know the fun is to post for all the given categories, but what if on a occassion I can't find anything for one, could I still be able to participate and post for the categories I have completed?
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    Greetings from a TRUE NOVICE!

    Welcome to the forum... "understanding Exposure" by Brian Peterson (not quite sure on the author name) is a well recommended book here... I'd suggest that if you buy it get it through an online store, for its low price. In addition, take a trip to your local bookstore and browse other books...
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    K200D or D40

    I have a the Pentax K100D the battery is not issue. I have rechargeable and usually carry extra on my pack...But if i were u take a walk to a local store and hand hold the different camera models so you have a feeling for each brand. Good luck.
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    08 Assignment-YELLOW- Due October 15 or whenever

    This photo is from couple of months ago.. just one of those night playing around with the camera... Just wanted some m&m's....
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    '08 Subject Assignment-SONG TITLE- Due August 9th

    Thanks, Will try this the next time...
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    Nasa Sounds good...
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    '08 Subject Assignment-SONG TITLE- Due August 9th

    This is an old photo but i think it fits perfectly here: One Headlight by The Wallflowers [/IMG]
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    '08 Subject Assignment-SONG TITLE- Due August 9th

    See you later alligator by Bill Haley [/IMG]
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    '08 Subject Assignment-SONG TITLE- Due August 9th

    Hello; Does any one knows how to post from I can't post my image. thanks for your help..