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    Nerd Art

    Good call on the center..
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    This is my first bug shot with my new Canon 100mm macro lens
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    Nerd Art

    Let me know if you like the pic or not :).
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    New Camera Lens + New Puppy shot

    Ok, so I got a portrait lens.. canon's F1.8 50 MM lens. I took my first shot with it, of my sisters new puppy. Tell me what you think! (Keep in mind - it was low light and no flash - but I wanted to test the 1.8 in low light)
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    Single Point vs. Zone AF Question

    That's what I normally do.. but I'd be interested in hearing the answer to this as well...
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    Portrait Lens? - canon EOS

    AWESOME, so you would recommend the same one that was recommended? Thanks for the pic too - this is the type of photo I was hoping to get it for (granted your cameras a little more expensive...but It's nice to see what the lens is capable of). Um.. well it can really be many big gifts.. I...
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    Portrait Lens? - canon EOS

    Excellent. Thanks again!
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    Portrait Lens? - canon EOS

    From reading through the review.. USM is some sort of focusing thing? Any details? Also - this mentions it has full manual focus - but it also is AF right? (There's a reason I posted in the noob section haha)
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    Portrait Lens? - canon EOS

    I will definitely look into it. I can get pretty upclose as the gigs are mostly in local barsish places. Thanks for the quick reply. Any other suggestions? I have a month to compare and contrast so if anyone else has any other suggestions please feel free to suggest away :)
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    Long-eared Owl

    Awesome Picture.
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    Portrait Lens? - canon EOS

    Hi All, for christmas my parents let me choose one big gift since my birthday is close after as well.... I want to get a lens that will be good for portraits/low light (without flash when possible). I have a canon EOS camera.. I was wondering what you would recommend for a high quality...
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    1st macro post 'Psychedelic mushrooms'

    Look very cool.. the red's very vivid.. jumps out quite nicely. Thanks for sharing!
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    A Few from the Park - C&C Requested

    I really like #2, #1, I'm not a fan of.. I don't like the whole sephia coloring. Just my .02. GOod shots though!
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    Before and After Photoshop - C and C

    My C&C at the OP's picture - in the photoshopped one.. feather the area between the sky/mountains more. looks like lights emanating all along them.