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    The Way the Wind Blows

    It would have worked better if you kept a little more room on the right so that the edge og the roof is not against the edge of the frame.
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    Brought to you by...

    one of the best "F"s I have seen in a long time.
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    Wow ...beautiful country. Nice to have a great subject to work with. That would make a great canvas print :)
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    blah blah yadda yadda

    Very cool shot!!
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    What Fstop is the 50mm 1.4 USM with 5d Mark 2 sharpest at?

    You keep asking these basic questions ...look this stuff up on google before posting it here.
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    Erigeron (fleabane)

    Good start show the whole flower at the bottom of the image and focus on the front of the flower.I think it is worth doing again.
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    Nice light, like the last one the best.
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    Lightning Storm!!!!

    Very nice images..... your timing has to be spot on and not an easy thing to catch..... Great job!
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    Country girl

    Wish your crop was wider and you got in the pen with her. the bars don't help you.
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    Can they use my images???

    You could send them a letter telling them they do not have the rights to use the images and would they like to buy the rights. There is a fat chance they do not have the original document you supplied to company A ...see if they bite, they might if you price is reasonable rather then get into a...
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    Need Some Thoughts on Pricing - Portrait Session

    You can make a nice backdrop with a flat sheet and a few rattle cans of paint
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    Pinhole camera Day

    Bitter I love the bicycle came out very nice. Did you buy the cap or make it? How far back did you recess it?
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    Pinhole camera Day

    I like this.... has a great look.
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    Pinhole camera Day

    I used a can lid and drilled a tiny hole in it and glued it to a camera body cap with a larger hole. I think the hole needs to be closer to the sensor.
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    computer memory

    I am on a Mac Pro and when I had 2 gig I had crashes all the time. After upgrading to 16 gig I have no problems any more and can have many programs open at a time.