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    Boring is maybe not the right word, there is just too much to look at in the frame and so the bits that are interesting lose interest.
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    March Photo Challenge

    How do one look through a rubbish bin? The hole is normally only on one side, and that's the top... I can see photos of sky...
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    Febuary Photo Challenge

    I'll have a look through all these and see what I can do tomorrow :)) thanks guys!
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    IS THIS A FAULT !!!!

    I think he means this section is for film as in rolls of film, that you load and develop, not films as in movies ;)
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    New To Film - Need Help On Which Camera To Buy

    No, that's not a fact, it's an opinion. Any older SLR will do the job, the really old metal body ones are cheaper and have better lenses than the nikon. It will also teach you to shoot with skill instead of letting the camera do the work.
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    Febuary Photo Challenge

    These are all amazing! Just one more day to get your pictures in!
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    Febuary Photo Challenge

    it's going to be very one sided at this rate!
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    Wide Angle Lens - MC/MD Mount

    Or you could push the boat out and try and find a 24mm lens... I picked a Sigma 24mm F/2.8 in my local LCE for £25, it's the same as this one Minolta MD fit Sigma 24mm lens | eBay this is ultra wide angle, I have taken these pictures with it CNV00026 by murlis, on Flickr CNV00010 by...
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    Extra Megapixels Useless?

    The whole point is that the sensor design is not the same :P I have maybe put this erroneously here as the Sigma actually has 14 megapixels, but then downscales it to 5. And i made reference to sensor size rather than sensel size!
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    Larger sensor just a luxury?

    large sensor, Sigma DP2 small sensor, Sony Cybershot Need I say any more.
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    Purple images when scanning negatives - Canoscan 9000F

    Well, the scanner may not know whether they are slide films or print films, or how strong the orange mask is. you need to make your own histogram by setting the black end on the basis that the unexposed pieces of film are white, between the frames, are white and the lightest spot on an image is...
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    Pinhole Photograph with 6-month exposure

    Having met Justin Quinnell last year, he explained to me how he did this, the images were actually burnt into photographic paper that he used, which was rated at about ISO 3. he never developed the images as such, but just skips straight to fixing them and then scans them into photoshop. when...
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    Camera problem or settings?

    Never ever shoot in a studio on auto! You need to have the shutter fixed ideally on 1/125 or 1/60 which are the lowest you can have without motion blur, then shove it on a tripod for good measures. If you have enough modelling lights then you can use a high aperture as well, and still have it on...
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    Extra Megapixels Useless?

    another thing, whether it has been discussed or not, that if you have more megapixels, they will have to be smaller, what does this mean, well in everyday use not a lot, but they will not be as sensitive to light, and therefore more susceptible to noise, smaller pixels tend to give a much...
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    Travelling with large glass (300mm 2.8, tripods etc)

    Maybe you should be a little more counter productive, do you need the laptop? Why do you need 2 tripods, is it likely that you'll be using both at once? and the same for the 300mm lenses, if they share the same lens mount then what's the point in 2? When I go on holiday, I want to take every...