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    Please little girl

    I shot this with my P&S camera while in Florida. Please let me know what you think and I would love to see someone edit the photo to really bring out her eyes. I'm not sure how to do that in PS3.
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    Professional Photo Labs that print school pics You won't be disappointed!!
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    quick pic from today

    #3 without a doubt.
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    My first attempt at basketball

    I was using my Canon 85mm f/1.8 with no flash.
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    My first attempt at basketball

    Here are a couple of pics that I shot at my son's basketball game this weekend. It was tough getting a good shot with the poor lighting. Please give me some feedback on how to improve. Thanks!!
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    Help with software

    My son had his individual and team photos taken today. There were about 700 kids getting their pictures taken today. The photographer had his camera hooked up to his computer where his assistant would check each photo as it was shot. Other computers were hooked up where the orders were entered...
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    Production software

    My son got his basketball pictures taken today. The photographer had his camera hooked up to his computer and the photo would immediately appear on the computer where he could see it in better detail and keep the photos organized. What software is used to input the orders and keep track of all...
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    trying out new 430ex flash

    they look great. i just ordered that flash and will get it tomorrow. can't wait to try it out.
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    What kind of flash and where to buy?

    I just bought the 430ex yesterday and found the best deal on amazon. You can also go to or and they search for the lowest prices.
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    In need of logo help

    My vote goes to #1. I don't like the "blocks" above your name, it overpowers your name. You want people to focus on your name, not the graphics. Good luck with the new company.
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    Hi, Thought I'd Show You Some Of My Own Favourites

    Nice shots. I would crop the leaves in the first photo in the upper left hand side, they are a little distracting. Keep up the good work.
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    some shots from the beach

    The second shot and the sunset are my favorites. Just a suggestion...number your photos and it's much easier for people to give you feedback. Nice job!
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    Self Portrait - Critique Welcome.

    Awesome job! I would love to see you post a video on youtube on how it was done. Keep up the good work!
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    #4 gets my vote. I was in NYC for the first time in August and fell in love with it. I want to go back and get some shots in Central Park. Nice job!
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    Some of my photos

    Very well done. You've got a great eye. The tiger gets my vote!