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    From today's travels...

    I LOVE kildeer! When I was a kid we found killdeer babies and scooped them up and played with them. Probably not the best idea but they were so sweet.
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    Here we Go....

    Thanks so much John! Your feedback is very much appreciated and noted. It's stuff like that, that I love to hear!
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    Here we Go....

    I just recently took the dive into taking my photography to a professional level. I have created a website and have started marketing my work. I'm currently working on a logo, and I'm on a never-ending mission to perfect my work. It's very important to me to give my clients quality work so I...
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    Wedding Photographers here? Advise Needed

    If you are going for a more classic timeless capture, I would go with Theresa, but if you enjoy a little more character in your photos, I personally like Jonathan Hare's style. Regina has good work, but her website is lacking terribly and her crops are poorly thought out.
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    I am very new to this and need some help!

    You can learn a lot from simply playing with different points of view, angles and light sources, regardless of what kind of camera you have!
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    If anyone has done anything stupider, feel free to post

    The odd time when someone asks me to take a photo for them with their little point and shoot, I never fail to bring it up to my eyeball where the viewfinder would be on my DSLR, only to realize there IS NO viewfinder, only a live screen view on the back.
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    If It Was Your Last Photograph, What Would You Take?

    I'd say of myself, but I guess I don't want to "die in vain" ;)
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    I tried to fry the cat.

    What a typical cat, has to be right in the middle of what you're doing. Mine climbs onto me 10 minutes before I have to leave for work, just long enough to cover me in cat hair and be done with me. Recently she's taken to pulling off keys on my laptop. :/
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    Swallows in flight

    Is this the same kind of bird? I shot them a while back, knew they were swallows but wasn't sure what kind. They like to dive-bomb heads eh? I was getting too close to their nest I think. # 4 cracks me up! What a little cutie. Swallow by ♠GollyWild, on Flickr
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    Flash or no flash for Indoors

    Do you do much post-processing? Try a speedlite, and angle it so the light bounces off a wall making it indirect so it doesn't wash out your subject. :) Or just turn up the ISO a tad maybe?
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    Zebra jumping spiders munching on mosquitoes (pics)

    I can't erase this from my mind now. I don't trust anything with that many legs and eyes!
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    Here's wishing Amolitor's wife a very safe, speedy delivery....

    I didn't read the last post.. I'm assuming it's your 2nd with the "sister" bit! <3
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    Here's wishing Amolitor's wife a very safe, speedy delivery....

    Congrats!! Is this your first baby? Mine is due the end of Sept! P.S. I was born July 5th, Cancers are the best! ;)
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    John Mayer concert

    Nice shots, I like the compo in the first one. I can't stand John Mayer though :/
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    A beach re-edit

    I find it confusing and busy with all the layers of lines, huts, palm trees etc. I'm not sure where my attention should go. Looks like a lovely place to vacation though!