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    In the streets of ....................

    ........... BARCELONA - Barri Goticó. We were there in May and in September 2003, and once we'll go back! - real fascinating and worth seeing vivid metropolis. Once you are there, you should visit some houses of Mr Gaudi, the Cathedral, the Sagrada Familia, the Aquarium, etc. But, don't...
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    Mirror, mirror ...

    Thanks again people, for your time to regard to this picture; personally I like the picture as presented, in it's original estate - otherwise, I wouldn't have taken it in that way ha :wink: The colors are like they were in real - lot's of green, that's a fact :roll:
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    My first offering.......Morning Mist and Evening Water

    Almost aquarelle scenes - beautiful work. Though, I have a little personal preference for the second picture, cause that one is looking the most natural, the most real :roll:
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    Thanks people ... always interesting to hear your opinion 8)
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    Yes, it was quiet a big job to take pictures in an aquarium :scratch: We could see beautiful fishes, but there was hardly one to find who was willing to pose for 1/50sec - for this time, after all :shock: :wink: However, better yet 1 goody, than 50 radical flops in case ... what do you...
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    Mirror, mirror ...

    Well, after all, maybe yes, maybe not ... though: maybe yes, for just a little bit - thanks for your reaction!! 8)
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    Mirror, mirror ...

    ... in the water : It was on Mothersday, last springtime, we found this beautiful castle on our way ... STOP! Have a time ... and shoot! :lol:
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    Aerial Photography

    Interesting people here :) I will forward the link to your website to my private and quiet place, to watch your pictures in peace :wink: See you later here ...
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    Dinner Time For This Little Guy

    You're making me jealous as well :oops: Brilliant shot; we would never find such cute animals in our direct neighbourhood - unfortunately. So, cheer us up with a big smile and let us enjoy of more of that kind of pictures (and other kinds) :wink:
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    Closeup Photo

    Great shot ... of a cute cat!! Really cool. You took the picture on the right time! :D Is it a grey cat, or is this a b/w pic of which you kept some color for the tongue? PS: I think it's just a picture in color; my screen at the office is not that good :cry:
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    funky STL industrial / riverfront early a.m. shots

    The first picture could be used for a postcard - winter greeting card 8) I like it very much, for the occasion. The photo with the dog is really pleasant and funny ... Great shots anyway!
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    Just to say ...

    Thanks! :lol: Oh, because of me ... the site felt down?? I was wondering yet about it :roll: :wink:
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    Just to say ...

    :oops: You're welcome! :lol: You know, since a few days I'm hanging around here, and it's a real pleasure for me to be here. I adore the "courtesy" in the atmosphere here 8) Never felt thàt on the internet - hope it will keep on running like this :thumbsup:
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    framed sunset

    Wow! What a shot?! Breathtaking beautiful. Why am I miles away from such chance? ... :cry: :wink:
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    Tibetan Monks photo show

    Fascinating site!! I'll come back, with more time to stay, to have a look with more attention.