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    Basilica de los Santos Ambrosio y Carlos/ Rome Italy

    nice work. I think the processing looks real nice
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    More from Hearst Castle- C&C invited

    pool shot is real nice. Looks like a great place to shoot. #2 defintely needs straightened
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    Few HDR from the past week

    haven't been on for awhile and wanted to say thanks for all the comments
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    Few HDR from the past week

    Out of all the programs I have used with the D800 raws photomatix struggles the most. I don;t see a big difference with LR4 or photoshop but photomatix really takes a long time to load the raws. I would say it took maybe a minute before with the D700, but now with the D800 I think it takes over...
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    Textures and HDR

    I think this is one fo the best pics I've seen you post. I typically don;t like textures but it works on this pic
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    Few HDR from the past week

    thanks, I waited for the streaks, I like it and think it adds something different to the scene. I really hate the size limits here. How do you post the pics so they link back to flickr?
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    Few HDR from the past week

    Here's a few shots from the past week. I just got the D800 and have been really enjoying it. All of these are shot with it 1. 5 exp photomatix, Lake Dillon Colorado 2. 5 exp photomatix, Wetlands Frisco, CO 3. 2 exp manual blend, Same shot but this is a 2 exp manual blend not sure which I...
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    canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon 800 for HDR

    Well you said the HDR file would be 500MB this is plain wrong and no matter if its 9exp or 3 exp the output file will typically be about the same size. Also thats if someone is shooting uncompressed RAW which is 70MB. I believe most including myself will shoot lossles compressed which comes in...
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    focus issue with HDR

    How i work qwith this especially in dark places is to find a good focus and then switch to manual focus so it won't hunt and will stay at your desired focus
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    focus issue with HDR

    I believe there is a setting for this so it focus locks when in a bracket, but I don't remember which setting it is
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    canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon 800 for HDR

    Wrong it is 200MB saved to 16bit tiff
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    Photomatix 4.2 Beta is now available

    thank you!
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    Switchman's place

    Nice work I like it
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    AEB with 5d Mark III?

    Rotanimod - Where do you see the D800 only does 7 frames? I keep seeing people say this, but on the nikon website it says exposure bracketing is 2-9 frames at up to 1ev(same as the D700)