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    There's almost an optical illusion with this image. Is one looking down the stairs or looking up the stairs? If one were looking up the stairs, then the flower would be stuck on the riser instead of on the tread. That is what struck me as odd about this image... the perspective.
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    Paradoxical Warmth of an Alpine Sunrise

    I agree. Too warm. Great shot, though.
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    Yellow Daisy

    Nice. It appears too centered. Lighting is good. Color saturation is good.
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    Big Sky - 370k warning (panorama)

    Thank you, ajmall.
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    Big Sky - 370k warning (panorama)

    Thanks, all, for the comments. Much appreciated. No, we don't have BIG mountains on this side of MT. Rolling hills, plains and badlands aplenty, though. But this image is from Medora, ND, from the overlook where outdoor musicals are performed nightly during the summer.
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    Separate ways

    Isn't it amazing how changing the shape or size of an image can achieve such a different result? This photo does seem to tell a story. I agree with the opinion about the power lines.
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    Wheel 31

    Where is this wheel mounted, craig? Is it on a barn? Near a hay loft? If so then chances are it is a hay pulley. A rope would be slung over the groove in the pulley to hoist the hay bales into the loft. Its position at the apex of the roof makes me think it was used as a pulley to lift...
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    Big Sky - 370k warning (panorama)

    Thank you, John. Apologies for the large size, but it is probably the only way to achieve the grand scope of the scene. Actually, that 'road' on the right is the Missouri River. Wish I could have included more of it in the image so it would be more obvious as to what it is. You can see just a...
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    Big Sky - 370k warning (panorama)

    Too much sky? Not enough sky? Didn't have my tripod with me so had to crop mismatched edges after merging 4 photos. Also is my first attempt using photo stitch software. I have downsized for posting but file is still quite large.
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    Wheel 31

    Hay pulley? I'd like to see if widened up a bit. Perhaps taken vertically instead of horizontally.
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    waiting for the bus

    It bothers me that her feet are cut off in picture #3.
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    Great catch! Mind if I play around with the contrast a bit? edited to add: Never mind. Looks like my software can't improve on what you already have. Anyway, good catch of an opportunity that presented itself. :)
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    Overly exposed and overly saturated for my tastes. Would like to see this one redone. I like the side light and the general concept.
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    How to end a cat fight-- violent content

    Interesting. Looks a bit "Hollywoodish" (aka staged). Should use color if you're wanting to achieve maximum shock effect. Blood streaks tend to look like splattered mud in black and white.
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    First Night Car Shot - Classic Cutlass (~56K WARNING!~)

    Love the golden tones on this one. Agree with the placement of subject being a bit low.