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    i'm alive! and i have a question :)

    thanks :) haven't even begun to start learning about flashes yet. hell, i dont even know if i had everything on it set right. i just know it was firing :) i was at f11, obviously, newbie mistake.. but, here's why... i was thinking.. well, at 70mm, this lens goes down to 4.5 and at 300mm it...
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    i'm alive! and i have a question :)

    thanks guys. yes, we definitly stuck with it. doing our lessons at least once a week. shooting pretty much every day. something. and, shooting in full manual. i'll post some stuff later.
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    Natures Abstract. By LightSpeed. I'd like to know where I'm technically flawed

    i like the ant. that's what made it interesting to me, instead of just a purple flower.
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    i'm alive! and i have a question :)

    hey everyone. i'm alive. it's true. sorry for my lack of presence lately. I've been extremely busy in the shop. so me and the kid have been shooting full manual for a few weeks now. really getting a better understanding of exposure, our camera's etc... we aren't pro's yet (but that's only...
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    Understanding Exposures not Understood

    well... thanks for this thread. asia and i were going though some lessons the other day regarding the triangle and all three points.. in two of the lessons, this book was mentioned, and i thought i had seen in posted on here before as well. i was going to buy it. but held off till i could...
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    How is she doing this? Photographing my artwork

    how are you scanning angel? what dpi: and what other settings?
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    Does this work for you in any way?? (C&C, please)

    is it a picture of a ghost in a snowstorm?
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    Sharing some amazing work

    WOW!! love the bike work and the camera work. amazing.
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    Dependence on Photoshop?

    those national geographic images from 85 were processed also. it was simply done in a darkroom instead of Photoshop. and i think you'll find that most photographers get it as right as they can in camera first. because it saves time in Photoshop. any pp that has to be done, takes time. time...
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    Total Newb Move

    i have never read the manual for any of my point & shoots. i only discovered a few weeks back that one of them has a manual mode. one of them is basically a bridge. my two pocket cams have so many features that i've never bothered to even think about learning them. but, my dslr.... i read...
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    Comments and Critiques :)

    phillapinas, thais, dominicanas, columbianas, haitianas, it's common in many cultures to leave the leg hair. particularly island/south american/tropical climates. i didn't even notice. but i travel often, so i'm used to it.
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    there's something wrong with my camera

    that's some major BS right there!! how in the hell..... i know you did it in photoshop... but seriously... even after i flattened the jpg.. wtf!?!?
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    there's something wrong with my camera

    and i knew that, from all the people that post photos at 1.8 with their 50mm's i wasn't realizing that i was wide open.. i was thinking 4.0 was wide open. and 5.6 was good... but, i know now... 4.0 is wide open at 70mm 5.6 is wide open at 300. i'll get there :)
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    there's something wrong with my camera

    here's what i was getting with the moon. should i have raised the aperature and the iso to get a slower shutter speed. since i ended up at 4000 to get some detail. lol. moons by jaythomson, on Flickr
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    there's something wrong with my camera

    lol. with a slower shutter, the moon was so bright i couldnt see any detail at all. probably because my iso was so high? or the wide aperature? everything i did was just super bright with no detail.. when jacked up the shutter, i finally got some detail. i was on my tripod of course, but it...