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    Cedar Rapids Skyline

    Great skyline for the small size of the metro. An amazing headband
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    Why do you take photographs?

    Mostly 3 and 4. I like putting edges on the world, finding, identifying and keeping the art that just happens. I also just really like cameras-- anything that can record a jpeg is aces with me. Phone cameras, toy cameras, big honking DSLRs. It's all good. Heavy post processing and gearhead...
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    Should I Watermark My Photos.

    a watermark is not a signature that shows in the pictures Digital watermarking - Wikipedia How to Protect Your Online Photos from Digital Thieves I sign my pictures but I don’t bother watermarking them buy r&b beats exclusive hip hop beats
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    Nikon D80 aperture, shutter speed

    P is program mode and the camera selects both aperture and shutter speed. You must use the S mode....S is for Shutter Priority, set the shutter speed and the camera selects the Aperture. Shutter speed is changed with the rear wheel.
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    "Bulb" setting old school Digital Equivalent?

    The times I have had GE Reveal bulbs, they had a strong color cast that would make them unsuitable for photography, though they may be different now. Daylight fluorescent bulbs from most manufacturers are also unsuitable as they are rarely color balanced to match the daylight spectrum, despite...
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    DSLR Camera For a Beginner

    You can get a new Nikon D3400 for $399. And that includes 18-55mm kit lens. That would make a great DSLR camera for beginner. text multiplier
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    Looking for natural fisheye

    You could always do a pano and stitch the frames, then you wouldn't have to deal with the fisheye distortion.
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    Looking for natural fisheye

    You could always do a pano and stitch the frames, then you wouldn't have to deal with the fisheye distortion.
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    The new Nikon Z-Mount Cameras- who is in?

    Hopefully Nikon does a better job with this new mirrorless than their old one which doesn't exactly get good reviews.
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    Artistic vision vs technical perfection?

    You see that kind of thing in any craft. On this and other fora, you have folks who can tell you the most miniscule detail about their gear, but you never see them taking a picture. I went to a writers conference once where many of the attendees had Masters of Fine Arts degrees. They knew all...
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    Why do you take photographs?

    Yeah, because I can't draw anymore, or express myself with my paintbrush or my trowel while standing 30 to 60 feet in the air on a rickety old ladder or less stable scaffold. I come from a family of artists but I am the only photographer, out of painters(canvas)those who draw and seamstresses...
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    how to get a sharp image in sports

    Practice. And a good tripod. Stabilization is fairly new and millions of sharp photos were shot on slow film over the years. It's not that hard.