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    Where did we park our spaceship?

    Love the black and white. almost looks like a castle:)
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    new stuff from my 20d!

    very very good. you make me jealous! Great shots here:)
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    Half eaten butterfly

    haha poor little guy. almost looks like a defense mechanism.. like he's a leaf it looks like.
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    July 06 Challenge Photos - "Landscapes"

    Great job all!
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    Cedar Mountain, UT

    Thanks a lot guys:)
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    4 shoots on the weekend

    Awesome shots, especially the reflection on number 10. I've always loved your bird shots. Keep it up!
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    Cedar Mountain, UT

    I was up camping on Cedar Mountain and brought my camera with me. Here are a couple shots from up there:) I love the sky. 1. 2.
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    Life of a Bee

    Haha thanks a lot!:) Yeah, I was surrounded by bee's where I was, but they really don't bother ya if you don't bother them.
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    Life of a Bee

    hello all, thanks for looking guys. 1. 2. 3. 4.
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    A very peaceful morning

    very peaceful shot indeed.
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    Trip to Zions National Park

    Thanks a lot guys:) Appreciate the comments.
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    Trip to Zions National Park

    Though I didn't get very good landscape shots... I did get some other interesting creatures, haha. Here's one landscape: Here was a very friendly squirrel: and I saw this guy hiding behind a tree, and I'm very glad I saw him... does anyone know what he is? Part of the wasp family perhaps...
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    Good thread. Sticky it yo
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    Smooth Water and Shutter Speed

    Thanks a ton man, I'll definetly do that.
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    Smooth Water and Shutter Speed

    How's it going guys? Well, I've ran into a little problem. I know it's an easy answer, but I just need some help... I was at some waterfalls and stuff, and I know I can leave the shutter open longer for smooth water and blurred effects... but the shutter (obviously) lets in more light as it...