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    Lens Hype, What is really a good lens?

    This ol'e boy's got a whole lotta stupid in him... Got to be a troll, just trying to yank people's chains. Or a first year photography student from one of those online diploma mills that sat through a few classes and then came in here to 'school' us poor, ignorant amateurs.
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    How to Get Arrested

    Bah! Being useful is for losers and squares... I'd rather be one of the misfits in the corner any day! :cool-98:
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    How to Get Arrested

    I won't get into a 2nd amendment argument or any of that, I would however like to expand a little bit on my previous post. I understand how what I posted, without any context, could be disturbing to some. The two times I did come close, I genuinely felt fear for my life. I also got cornered by...
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    How to Get Arrested

    I've heard some admit to trespassing and pulling over on bridges for a shot and sneaking cameras into venues that don't allow photography. Nothing as bad as actually blocking traffic though.
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    How to Get Arrested

    Yeah, I've had similar situations a few times. It amazes me that people think you are just going to hand a complete stranger (a clearly angry and not entirely rational stranger) thousands of dollars worth of gear. Most of the mouth breathers wouldn't know how to review the photos on a DSLR...
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    How to Get Arrested

    Made the mistake of reading the user comments under the article. They almost instantly devolved into a childish Trump/Hillary argument complete with name-calling on both sides. It's amazing how quickly people assume we are up to some nefarious act just because we have a camera. I don't do much...
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    Macro Photography

    These MIGHT work: A-EXTUBEDG-C I've never tried them with video before. I shoot Nikon and I don't have much experience with video. Is it simply a matter of not being able to get close enough to fill the frame and focus?
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    Help with camera collection

    I have wondered if you get a fair deal selling to Adorama.
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    Sony A6000 - shutter count worries...

    Happy to help. You might get a more solid answer from the mirrorless or Sony camera forums here.
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    Sony A6000 - shutter count worries...

    I don't know much about Sony or mirror-less cameras, but it is unusual for cameras to develop shutter problems due to normal use below 100,000 or so. Most go much longer without problems. There seem to be plenty of Sony E-mount camera models, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a...
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    Help with camera collection

    If you are pricing these things to sell them, the best course of action would be to see what people are CONSISTANTLY paying for the item to establish a baseline for an asking price. If only a few people are getting suckered into paying more than they should, the you shouldn't assume you can get...
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    best lens for Nikon d3200 for weddings?

    As others have said. It doesn't seem like you are at a good place to tackle weddings. That type of photography can be very demanding (as are most brides) There is so much that needs to be addressed beyond the photography itself such as meeting with the people that control the venue and with the...
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    Two ways to skin a cat

    Given the option, I would use a DX body. This option doesn't sacrifice stops of light or image quality as a TC would. When shooting wildlife I often do both. Using my D7000 + my TC-17II + my 70-200 VR II produces great image quality and is still fairly fast. If that still isn't long enough, I...
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    I got invited to a wedding...because I have a camera.

    I used to live in a rural area where religion is a pretty big thing. I'm not much for it myself but I (and my "big" camera) would always get invited to Gospel sings and community events. I would usually go because I liked to support the community and I got to photograph people and things that I...
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    D3200 to D750

    B&H and Adorama have them in stock if online ordering is a possibility. Nikon D750 DSLR Cameras and SLR Cameras | Buy, Compare & Review | Adorama Nikon D750 DSLR Camera (Body Only) | B&H Photo Video