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    National Museum of the United States Army - C&C please

    I went to the new US Army museum today and plan on going back maybe next week. The building is pretty modern in it's design and I'm just curious if anyone has recommendations on how to better photograph something like this. I think this was my best shot of it. My photos of the inside weren't...
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    Brushy Mt. Prison, TN

    Very nice! I've just added this to my list of places to visit. I love old prisons and hospitals. My daughter and I enjoy going to photograph them.
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    Which one do you like best?

    The third/last one looks to be the best for B&W. I don't like the colour one as much as the red in the background is too distracting and pulls my eyes away from the subject.
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    A spring day in Boston - pic heavy

    I'm no good at offering critique but I do really like #11. I'm hoping to be able to visit Boston once things start opening back up and get back to somewhat normal. It's been on my list for a long time.
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    Which lens???

    The 17-40 was too good of a price to pass up and is in excellent condition which is why I decided to get that one as well. I plan to eventually upgrade to L-series lenses and figured this one was a good start.
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    Speedlite 430EX II won't power up

    Are they fresh (or fully charged if rechargeable) batteries and are the battery contacts in their proper position/not bent with no signs of corrosion? If there's any corrosion use a q-tip dipped in white vinegar to clean them and once dry try again with fresh batteries.
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    A Profound Photograph, an emotionally charged experience

    I hope things eventually improve for him. I have a friend who is homeless who I haven't seen in several years. It's difficult, but the best thing you can do is let them know you're there to listen if needed.
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    Downside to keeping an old camera in the car?

    I've left cameras in my car before and never had any issues even with the heat we get in the DC area. I just kept it out of anyplace where it would be hit by the sun.
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    Lighting and photo criticism request

    I definitely don't know as much as others on here about lighting but my first thought was maybe use a reflector of some sort to reflect the natural light back up into her face from the ground. ETA for the hands try to find something she can hold, that may help her relax her hands and arms a...
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    I will fight the winner

    I really like this shot. Hope it was a minor quick argument between the two. I've seen geese fjght to the death a few times (there are some very territorial geese at the college across the street from me and it's not too unusual to see some of them fighting at times when they aren't going...
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    Old photos

    I have some old ferrotypes from the mid 1800's of my great x3 or x4 grandparents.
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    Park Trip

    Thanks. The goose was a little blown out but not too terrible. The water was actually that weird colour.
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    Park Trip

    Thanks. That's awful that happened to you! At least you learned from it. Today I just decided I needed to get out there. I'm learning a new camera and as I mentioned I haven't gone out to take photos in what I thought was 4 years but actually turns out it's been at least 5 1/2 years. I used...
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    Park Trip

    I made myself go out to Greenspring Gardens Park this morning. This was probably the first time I've gone out to take photos in nearly 4 years. I'm rusty and definitely made some mistakes (failed to notice that somehow my camera got switched to JPEG instead of RAW is just one of them). The...
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    Which beginner camera for start?

    As others have asked - what is your intended use? How important are each of your requirements to you? The only item on your list that I think is useful is the tilting screen. I know I would have issues if my camera didn't have one as I have physical limitations (bad knee that needs replacement...