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    By The Sea

    Agree with this as well. Consider lighting the model using reflector or other way - this will bring the focus to her and create pleasing light on her.
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    Before and after, but... is it 'after' enough?

    I certainly like the second version better. I do love the composition as well as the colors. The curved line at the bottom helps to keep my view within the runner as well. From it's upper end I am directed at the mountains while it's lower end in the bottom right corner directs me to the path in...
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    67mm dia filter with 52-67mm adapter vs 52mm dia filter

    I would say it depends on the filter and lens combo. What's your lens and type of filter?
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    Beginner Macro

    As @jake337 pointed out your camera is fine. You can go and purchase better one if would like but D5500 is perfectly capable of taking tak-sharp photos. From your photos actually - the photo of the butterfly is really sharp (maybe not perfect but close to). However it has too much per-pixel...
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    Beginner Macro

    ok - let's start a bit unusual - would you share what was end goal that you had in mind when taking them and what do you like the most in the end results?
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    Birds of a different feather flocking together

    Maybe I'm imaging but it is tilted, nevertheless this is a great shot :)
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    Finally made it back out there today

    I think the Crow is the winner photo, but my personal favorite is the Bluebird as well :)
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    Birds of a different feather flocking together

    Nice shot, is it tilted on purpose?
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    Bird Yoga

    Did you know that Grey Herons practice yoga?
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    Lighting for beginning photographer

    The first thing as @tirediron pointed out is to learn light and especially one light setup. For this you usually need light stand, umbrella / softbox, bracket (either for the umbrella or the softbox), you also need a background support system and a backdrop. You can check my post for Home Studio...
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    [Product Photography] Black velvet Hugo Boss

    I actually don't mind black on black and you did well controlling the light - no visible reflections, so that's very good. The exposure however should be increased in my view and as @tirediron stated - the second hand would benefit if it is another position where it doesn't obscure any...
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    A few stacks thoughts anyone?

    My thought as well - very good for a handheld stack!
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    Some snow flakes

    These are nice, I like the first one the most, the magnification and colors are very pleasing.
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    Purple & Gold

    No idea what's the name of the "flower" but I do liked its looks.
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    Eagle portrait

    Great shots, not just the eagle but the egret and the ibis as well!