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    Clueless boyfriend needs darkroom help.

    You could always go with a couple of gift cards for B&H ( and eBay. Some people are very particular about their film/paper/chemistry, so that might be a safe option. It's so sweet of you to get her a darkroom for Christmas!
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    Film base

    I was told long ago that a slight pinkish/purplish tint was normal for most films, but that a strong tint was a sign that it wasn't fixed long enough. Not sure about blue, though.
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    Test strips

    I usually make one test strip for b&w for exposure, and have had decent success in getting what I want out of the full print by using the contact sheet to determine if something needs a little dodge/burn. Color, on the other hand, is a whole other animal. I usually go through at least 6 or 7...
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    Looking for a technical term

    I don't know if it's the industry-accepted term, but I'd call the front element "stationary"
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    How do you promote yourself.

    To take a page from the wedding industry's book - instead of just putting up brochures/cards in equine-related businesses, why not offer them some really great framed prints? Then just stick one of your business cards in the corner of the frame. People will be able to see your info, and the...
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    This is sort of an old thread, but I thought I'd update in case anyone cares. I got my Graphi sample, and it is OUTSTANDING. It included a 4x5 minibook with stock images, a 6x8 book filled w/Graphi propaganda (including pictures of the different covers), a 9x13.5 50page album with transparent...
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    The way I do it is to offer albums in different price ranges - currently I offer AsukaBook, GraphiStudio and KISS wedding books. I'm just getting started, so I haven't ordered all my sample albums yet, but I plan to order one of each. I'm a person who likes to see what I'm buying before I buy...
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    Bulk Resizing & Watermarking Program has a great free tutorial on how to create a custom logo watermark that will work for any size image (not necessarily centered, either, their example is a bar across the bottom).
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    A few e-session shots

    I just got back to this thread, this week has been nuts! Thanks for all the comments. Here are a few more, bigger, more face and (slightly) less shades:
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    A few e-session shots

    Yup, had to schedule for too early in the day due to schedules. They had the shades off for a lot of the shoot, but I'm not sure how much that helped. There was lots of squinting going on, even facing away from the sun. Next session will DEFINITELY be scheduled for later in the day.
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    A few e-session shots

    Just a few from my first engagement session to share - please C&C! More on my webpage in the Engagement gallery
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    Trash the Dress!

    Yeah, I think the same group of photographers sort of "started" the TTD and letsgettrashed sites.
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    Asuka Albums

    Not yet, I'll be ordering my first one probably next week (first album design is almost done, yay!). I'm on another forum (mostly frequented by wedding photographers) and a LOT of people there use them. I don't think they're considered one of the most high-quality/high-end albums though...
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    Trash the Dress!

    I sooo want to do this also! One of my upcoming brides is into the idea, but her wedding's in March, so it'll be a while :-( TTD is so cool, I'm thinking about trashing mine.
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    WTB: Lightsphere

    Found on another board!