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    Assignment #31: Still Life

    We're shooting for more classical still life here...very much like what your defintions will probably be something you set up, fruit, veggies, glasses, etc...
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    Help me choose a sig

    I like them all Joe...number one seems to fit you best just b/c it's a clarinet ;) I wonder if you turned that image sideways if that would be a bit more obvious and work better...not sure just a thought...I say you can't go wrong with any of them though :thumbup:
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    November POTM POLL

    Sorry for the mess up on the other thread. Vote for you fav photo from the month...poll will last 3 days. Each photo has at least the name of the photographer, and if a title was included by the person that nominated, then I included it here... Here are the nominations: 1. From Verbal's A...
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    Assignment #31: Still Life

    I thought it was a great idea too Corry :) I woudln't have ever thought of having that as an assignment :hail: :lol:
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    Post #4000

    Nice shot Chris :) Congrats on 4k!!!
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    Assignment #31: Still Life

    Easy always only post new shots, and you have until next Monday when a new assignment is posted. This should be an easy one for EVERYONE, so lets see lots of them :) As a reminder this isn't a contest it's just for fun and to encourage everyone to try shooting different...
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    one's enuf....ten's a crowd

    :lmao: Very creative Jon :) The Jon in the far back is my fav :lol:
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    Black Friday

    Got up at 3:00 to head to Best Buy that opened at there about 3:15 and the line was at the end of the building already...people had been there since 10:45pm Thursday night :lmao: They ran out of the cheap computers before they made it to us, but my brother actually ended up getting...
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    Assignment #29 Get Low...

    Nice shot Scooby :) Just to clarify this isn't a contest. Just assignments for fun each week to get people to shoot more pics and try new things. There is a monthly contest at the forum, there's a special section at the top of the main page of the forum for it :)
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    Give your eyes a treat

    :lmao: I think I could stare at mine for hours if it were larger...those little stick guys just never get old :)
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    The first was around 20 secs, but it was a very windy day so there was lots of movement in the branches...I think the movement is what I really like about the first with the mix of color...just gives a very weird effect :)
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    Sounds like you got lucky Joe...I did a search for that company and tons of bad stuff comes up about it...people do all the steps and don't get the ipods :(
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    Black Friday

    It's like competitive's actually a lot of fun, and the stuff is so cheap it's worth it...but all the internet ads are still showing those stinkin iPod nanos price at 199, that's no deal at all...that's normal price...
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    Thanks Raymond and Mentos :)
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    No word association?