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    Photoshop CS5 differences

    perfect, thanks ... my new laptop is 64 bit so I'll just use that version
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    Photoshop CS5 differences

    Ok, so I just got CS5 installed on my new laptop where I had been running CS3 before & 2 difference icons appear on my desktop ... a 64bit version & 32bit version. So can anyone tell me the difference bewteen these 2? When woukld I use 64bit vice 32bit & can I jump between the two with an...
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    Upcoming 2009 calendar

    Hmmm ... thanks for the comments but I'm not sure I agree with everything your saying ... image was taken in a studio setup with 3 strobes (softbox for key, umbrella for fill & hairlight with grid) which you can see in the catchlight in his eyes. I don't see any loss of detail in his...
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    Upcoming 2009 calendar

    Here's an image I did for the month of October in an upcoming 2009 calendar
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    Pricing your Photography Services

    If you shoot what other pros in your area shoot then you would be wise to set your pricing competitive with them. As someone mentioned it is much better to offer 'specials' & sales then to start out cheap & try to raise later. If you shoot more speciality work that others in your area don't you...
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    Pricing Quandry: can you help?

    As D says, what contract do you have with this fitness studio? You do have some kind of written, signed contract with them, right? If your contract with them is only verbal you may be in for a nasty surprise when the studio comes after you for selling images to those people when you don't own...
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    What lens woud you pair with the D700?

    why not get yourself a Nikkor 18-200 Dx VR?
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    Sensitive property shoots (military installations, etc.)

    I would be careful about making such generalizations ... I'm a retired USAF officer and I can tell you we take a very dim view of unauthorized photography on base - the security clasasification is irrevelant. You can go ahead and try to put 'photography rights' into the contract ahead of time...
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    without a doubt they could be twins. We also had a black main Coon for 13 yrs and during Halloween night we always had to keep in locked in a back room. He loved people but I didn't want anyone to see we had a black cat on halloween night ...
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    Kauai Blow Hole sunset

    Thanks, for a last minute shoot opportunity with very little planning I was very happy with the results ...
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    Kauai Blow Hole sunset

    It definitely was in action. Unfortunately I had to take what I could get in the 5 mins when the sun & light were right. Depending on when high tide is in relation to sunset it might be possible to get an image of a towering water plume with the setting sun in the background but you'd probably...
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    Kauai Blow Hole sunset

    As promised ...
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    Indian river Sunset

    Zada: there are definitely some 'tricks to the trade' to get stunning sunsets & sunrises, it is not necessarily intutative. There are a few good books out there which explain the basics and then like most photography you just go out and shoot and be creative ... and actually my speciality is...
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    These kinds of colors are only present for usually less then a minute through and entire 1/2 hr long sunset so you have to be there in place and ready ... and then most of the time it ends up being only so so for one of many reasons out of your control. This one image (1 other) are the result...
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    And he loves to be photographed too ... will sit for 30 mins plus, pretty unusual for 'untrained' pets ...