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    Getting started selling prints

    I'm glad you like it! That's one of a small number I put up at work, since it seems to be a photo that many people appreciate. Art fairs and exhibits is something on my radar. I know some people with an art background so I've been talking to them about finding out about such things far enough...
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    Getting started selling prints

    Thank you, I am flattered that you think that my samples are good enough for a gallery! There are a few reasons that I am not aiming to be a full-time photographer, not least of which is that I want to do this primarily for fun. I also don't know know how much demand there really is for this...
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    Getting started selling prints

    (Preface: I am in Canada, in case that affects anything) I really enjoy photographing vintage computers. I spend enough time on these photos that I've been thinking that it would be nice to start doing something with the good ones beyond putting them on the fridge. Specifically, I'd like to...
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    Seeking 3-Axis Drone Gimbal

    My brother and I would like to purchase a gimbal for my Dad. We are debating whether to get one that will support is GoPro and his phone, or his GoPro on a drone (Holy Stone HS700). Finding gimbals in the first category isn't too hard, but the second is starting to vex me. It seems that you can...
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    A scientist captured an impossible photo of a single atom

    That is extremely cool, and I agree that it is a very useful way to visualize this scale. It's a shame that it doesn't contain anything relatable for context.
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    Making an Impression - Artsy Impressionistic Experimental Photos Thread

    I was hoping to redo this process with a new photograph and throw it up for the challenge, but I simply haven't had the time. I feel it would be a waste not to put the original here though. 2 years ago I had an assignment to make a piece of art (any medium) which emulated an art style. I went...
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    Advice on a Lens cap

    I do like the idea, as I have lens cap placement issues. If you were to make a simple hinged door, it would need the following features for me to use it: Always opens directly downwards Doesn't flap around when open Very sturdy locking mechanism Opens just less than 90 degrees (so my hand won't...
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    ACDsee Pro Contest

    After jaomul's post I did a bit of poking around about that out of curiosity. I couldn't find any information about their policy, only a few threads from many years ago in which people where complaining that they only received a single-seat licence. The current version requires you to log into...
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    ACDsee Pro Contest

    I installed the one key on both my laptop and desktop without issue, but thank you for the thought.
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    ACDsee Pro Contest

    I just purchased ACDsee Pro, which at the moment includes a second copy for free. Since I cannot imagine who I would give that too, I thought a photo contest was in order. I will give the key to whoever posts the "best" photo here over the next week which involves cars, video games, guitars or...
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    In car night photography gear?

    I can tell you that Top Gear used those 3 suction windshield mounts on the inside of the car and single external suction cup gopro mounts for 23 seasons. Suction cups can be designed well, but most of the ones that come with GPS devices are junk. As long as everything is very very clean, they...
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    I hope Nikon spoils me (again)

    You have to have the most recent firmware update, after which it works fine. The only disadvantage is that you can't turn off VR on the 5200.
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    C&C and Vote on which on you like the best, if any, and why?

    #1 is alright, if weirdly blurry around the prints on the out of focus chips (this applies to all four versions). #2 looks like a photograph that was kept in somebodies attic for 40 years. That could be a nice effect except that the colour banding also makes it look like it is a badly scanned...
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    Uses for Malfunctioning Lenses

    Among audiophiles there is an expression, "garbage in garbage out". My policy in all things is never to do with your source what you can do just as easily in post.
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    Uses for Malfunctioning Lenses

    Are you saying that this lens is naturally this bad? I had no intention of reselling it on the basis that I thought it was broken. Honestly, I still don't think I could.