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    B&W landscape

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    Harrisburg Parade

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    Blanc de Chine

    Great shot Tuna. Love the tones and the slight motion you captured.
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    more from paris: fashion show (3 photos)

    Theres something about the second one which makes it really stand out to me. Nice work
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    Old World

    I LOVE #2!
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    New York Candid extravaganza -- part 6

    I really like that second shot. Nice series.
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    The third one is the standout for me as well, interesting and unique shots. Thanks for sharing.
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    First ever critique! Go hard on me!

    I like this shot a lot, I think Unimaxium's treatment works very well for this photo. Very nice shot.
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    Picking up seashells

    I think I like this one... I'm looking for general critique, on composition, tones, etc. Is the b&w done well. Any suggestions on how to improve this photograph would be greatly appreciated.
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    Going home...

    wow, I love all of these (especially #3). Great work!
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    Picking up Seashells

    thanks lp
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    Picking up Seashells

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    Love this shot, Tuna. And Darin, i also recommend Voigtlander lenses.