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    New 120 camera

    Oh fun! Very cool
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    2020 Photo of the Year Winner

    Well deserved!
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    Keen vision

    Wow the detail is fantastic! Love it!
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    Foggy coast

    Another trip along the coast of Rt1 in California. Was a bit foggy with sun trying to come through which made for some great lighting. Had the same bridge in three of these pictures. 1. This one I especially liked, the ice plants make for some interesting ground cover 2. Not sure if...
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    Christmas sunrise

    Thank you both very much!
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    New to the forum Nikon user

    Welcome! I recently upgraded to a D750 earlier this year and I have loved it. Very nice camera body and felt very natural to me coming from a D7100.
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    Milky Way over the river

    Love this one, nice work
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    Christmas sunrise

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!
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    3 Cranes flying

    I like the muted yet colored background. It’s not destructing but adds to the photo. Love the three difference stages each of the cranes are in too. Great shot
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    My Quest

    Yeah #2 is my favorite. Nice job
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    Christmas sunrise

    Woke up early today and drove up to the hills to catch the sunrise. We had some rain scheduled which I was hoping would mean clouds. 1. Little bit of the light starting to peak out from behind the mountains and below the clouds. 2. Light now illuminating most of the clouds at least a little...
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    Went for a drive today

    Thanks! #2 has been the popular one in my other circles as well. Still working on my eye as to what stands out and people are drawn to. I have to wonder how many great pictures I overlook in my library that I dont take the chance on.
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    Wile E Coyote on the hunt

    Really nice, love the snow on the nose.
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    Went for a drive today

    Took and early morning drive today and went into the hills down to the ocean. Was a little cooler this morning than it has been so not many people were out. 1. Pretty view I found on the side of a back road in the the hills. Like the contrast of trees vs open area. 2. Side of Rt1 along the...
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    NH White Mountains road trip 2020

    I love all these, miss living in New England sometimes. Then I remember snow and im good again.