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    Chimney Bluffs

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    i love it! the title makes it all that much better :)
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    Graveyard Shots.

    the zoom shots totally messed with my head haha
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    What d'ya think? -Dan :)
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    A Small Fall

    nice nice!! great composition and water mooootion.
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    View inside

    i like it. even though i knew what it was from your other posts of The Bean, it still had me confused :)
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    Archives: Photo of the month - Winner for August is.....

    i didn't see the nominees but the winners are definitely deserving in my book! wow, great photos folks
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    Towns History.

    ^ he basically took all the words out of my mouth :)
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    Randomness from yet another boring day

    love the tones!!
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    Chicago. September

    every picture i see of that thing is awesome, and this is no exception
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    The Glory of Light

    i was about to post a photo I thought had cool clouds, and then i see this! bah.. you win. haha great shot!!
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    Burn My Soul

    no picture is showing for me :(
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    Images from Sin City

    i like the first shot.. i stayed in the MGM grand this past summer :pimp:
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    Flower girl

    i like the fact that the whites are so white. very pure, just like the little girl.. and it adds an almost angelic feel to it all
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    few from this afternoon

    #4 is my favorite of the bunch. i really like the composition (as compared to #5).