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    24-70mm softer than 35-70mm at 70mm?

    Of course. However, sometime I do need that 2.8 when I'm shooting an event with no flash allowed. I just figured that since it is a way newer lens, it would be sharper (or at least as sharp) as the older model where I need it most.
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    24-70mm softer than 35-70mm at 70mm?

    Has anyone noticed that their 24-70mm is soft at 70mm? I bring this up because I noticed that my GF's 35-70mm is sharper @ 70mm than my 24-70mm both at f/2.8. I had the lens repaired in March but only noticed this recently. I will have another 24-70mm to compare in a week. Until then, anyone...
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    What Lenses for Peru?

    Might be going later this year. Figured I'd just take a 20mm f/4, 50mm f/1.2 & 105 f/2.5 combo. On Fx of course.
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    Lens suggestion (for mtb)

    I still use a 28-80mm f/3.3-4.5 from time to time as my walk around lens. Sharp enough for my needs. Light. Plus I would care if it got wrecked.
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    Lens Buying Advice

    How about a 35-70mm 2.8D? It can be bought for about $300 and it covers a a decent wide angle and telephoto. Another option is to get some AI/AIS primes. You could probably get the 24mm 2.8 AI & 105mm AI for less than $150-$200 each. This way you have 3 primes that cover a wide range.
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    24-70mm stuck zoom

    LMAO! I just double checked. j/k. Also thanks Shadowlands, I'm going to send it KEH to get fixed at some point. As for now, I'm doing fine with the 35-70mm. I will update when it gets fixed. Hopefully its nothing too serious.
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    24-70mm stuck zoom

    As the title says, my 24-70mm is stuck. It won't zoom out and is stuck at 70mm now. This happened during a wedding but I was alright as I had the 35-70mm as backup. I'm going to send it in to get fixed but was just curious. What would cause the lenses to get stuck? Anyone have any experience...
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    Macro, 85mm or Complete the Holy Trinity...?

    60mm 2.8D Micro Nikkor. Cheap and good for rings shots. As I mentioned before in another thread, maybe the 20mm f/4 AI. Sharp, cheap and since its so wide, manual focus is easy.
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    Should I keep BOTH my 35mm and 50mm 1.8G Primes?

    I agree the D600 has better IQ than the D700. I've owned both and used them extensively for events in low light. The D600 hunted to much for me in low light. The D700 would nail it! This was in my own experience, so I ended up selling the D600 and got a D750. However, the OP is on a budget and...
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    Which retro wide lenses are sharpest?

    I always liked my 20mm f/4 AI lens. The photos come out very sharp at f/8 and lower. I use it mainly for hiking because of its small size and ruggedness.
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    About to do an upgrade to Nikon D3300

    Have you looked in to the D7xxx series? I think the dials for shutter and aperture, which the D3XXX series lacks, make it a much better tool. Plus, you get the added benefit of being able to use D series lenses as opposed to on G series (for autofocus). A used D7000 can be found very cheap.
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    What second FX body would you buy ?

    I'd go for another D750 to keep the feeling the same. Right now I'm shooting with a D750 as my main body with a D700 as the second. Sometimes the button lay out slows me down but after a few attempts, your muscle memory kicks in.
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    50mm 1.2 AIS Nikkor

    I think this is a special purpose lens that I probably wouldn't use for paid work. For personal work I'd probably only use it at 1.2 as it seems thats what this lens is known for.
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    70-200mm 2.8G VR1

    Love this lens but need to sell for financial reasons. Its missing the gold ring and has some scuffs on the barrel. HOWEVER, the glass on the lens itself is great. Comes with Tripod collar and lens caps. Asking $1050 plus shipping. I'm in Maryland, willing to meet up around DC or VA as well...
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    50mm 1.2 AIS Nikkor

    Picked up this beauty off eBay for $214. The seller had the Best Offer option so I said why the hell not. I offered $200 and much to my surprise, they accepted! When the lens arrived, sure enough the rear lens cap was tough to open. I just used my undershirt and gave it a twist. Came right off...