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    Which tripod for a tall broke person??

    Check out this tripod at B&H. I just bought one and this thing is built like a tank. Its a little on the heavy side but very sturdy. I also added this ball head but the pan & tilt head that came with it is very nice. I use the ball head with my canon xti and the pan & tilt with my video...
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    Oh! How nice I'll dance!

    I like it! Very nice shot!
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    Light Metering with Canon Rebel xt

    Kanderson, Ignore posts from people like this that are no help at all! Play with the settings in manual mode, you'll find that there are many combinations that will place your meter at "0" and give nicely exposed pictures with different results such as: depth of field that is blurred or...
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    Photoshop question..........

    Photoshop for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby is an excellent book, well written and easy to follow. Also here are a few sites that have some tutorials:
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    Which camera to buy for beginner....?

    I also have the xti and 3 lenses and my favorite is also the 50mm f/1.8. I'd just like to add that not only is this lens quite affordable, but Its very shrarp.
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    Need help for my 430ex flash

    Thanks, your help is greatly appreciated!
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    Need help for my 430ex flash

    Thanks in advance to all who would've answered my question. I finally figured it out.
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    Need help for my 430ex flash

    The flash is stuck on manual zoom, can someone please tell me how turn the auto zoom back on?
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    Nikon D40x - Help I am Panicking!

    People come her looking for help, not smart a#@ comments, Not Funny! to the original poster: I'm glad your found the answer to your problem!
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    Need Help Quick!!! D40 or XT?

    My opinion is that the D40 is not worth spending the extra $200. However, there are many here on this forum who love their D40s and take beautiful pictures. Myself, I own a canon xti and love it! As for the focus question, the xt has more auto focus lenses to choose from.
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    Calling Kodak Z650 users......

    The moon is so bright that you need to under expose so it isn't a washed out white dot. Before I bought my canon xti, I had a kodak z712 which I'm sure is close to what you have. I got this pic with the z712, handheld, set in manual mode at f/4.8, 1/160 sec, iso 100. Just play with similar...
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    Christmas portrait today.. Need some advice.

    I'm not sure about older versions, but photoshop cs3 also has these presets. So, if you have lightroom or PPcs3, you can achieve some nice results.
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    You can most definitely take advantage of your student status and purchase photoshop at a greatly reduced price. This is where I purchased mine: Hope this helps.
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    My oldest daughter

    I really like #5 the first one with her younger sister. That picture really inspired me to try to get something similar of my daughters before its too late. The older one will soon be out of high school and the younger is nine.
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    Christmas Portraits 4 1/2 months old

    Although I don't really know enough for CC, as a father, I think they look great! You'll cherish these forever.