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    On Camera Fill Flash Above Max Sync Speed

    you can also set your flash to "high speed sync" read your flash manual and it will give you more info. but it can only be used like this on camera or with a ttl cord. adide from that you can use a ND as analog said
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    AUTOMOTIVE - Your Car Photography

    im not sure i can compete with all the fanciness but here is my POS Kia Rio Station wagon... all hdr like to make it slightly less wimpy hahaha
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    Will a wireless shutter release work on ANY Canon Body ? ?

    As someone that has had a Canon XS and a 5D MKII i can say taht the Cannon ir trigger works for both. the 5D MKII needs to be set on 2second or 10second timer but the IR trigger will work. I can not say for sure is the 3rd party one will but if it works on the XSI then im 95% sure it will work...
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    Here I Am Discovered

    I second that this is an awesome location but the subject does not fit.
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    Entire Wedding on X100

    a bunch of them give me the feeling of the wedding i shot with ilford 400 B&W pushed to 1600. I love the look. but i didn't have an option digital dont work so good with no power DUH... Luckily i was not the actual photographer for that
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    What is a Good Lens for Wedding Photography

    Just a waning that having this as your first post reflects badly on you and most people will just wright you off. But i will take a swing at your question. As for weddings most people will use the 24-70/70-200 2.8 combination because it covers most of what you will need. another...
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    Stand Your Ground

    This was posted before but its a good one. I love the manager. Hey you can come on my property and get some even better shots!
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    The joy of being an early adopter

    Nice to know the af preforms well... i have a 5D and to shoot a wedding with it is Hell hahaha. How is the af in low light?
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    Canon 5D MKII + Grip + extra batt (lens if your interested)

    I am seriously considering selling my 5D MKII and grip(with extra batt). the body comes with a henrys "HELP" warentee with about 2.5 years left (it is international but easier to deal with in Canada). the shutter count is low (between 10,000 and 20,000). I am selling for $3,000. Condition is...
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    Hi all, Requesting a quick edit on 4 images. Need swift edit please. Thanks,

    your lines are not even at all check the cerve of the top of the headlight Edit: scratch that the original is not that different lol. (proceeds to stand in corner ) hey simpson i will give it a go for the same price as you paid last time. (already started)
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    How do you copyright

    One more explanation from good old Canada depending on the situation it changes who holds the copy right. Situation 1: Lets say you work for "awesome news" your local news paper and you are paid $10/h the photograph an event You are considered on staff with the paper and the paper will hold...
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    Post a picture of yourself

    i think its about time i update my photo here lol 2 recent ones
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    How do you copyright

    One more recommendation is to shoot raw and keep them safe! This way you have the original capture and if you keep it safe you will be the only one able to produce it as evidence that you indeed are the copy right holder (no more he said she said) Anyone who asks me for raw files gets a...
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    How do you copyright

    I would be interested to see that. Could you post a link? If is possible that it is embedded in a flash blob so the actual image file is not really there. Many people ese flash cause you can get around things like that but i would never recomend flash for anything lol.
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    How do you copyright

    in two words... You cant. If is is online there is one way or another to save it. edit: it is possible to make it harder but in the end if you post them you should assume they will be taken. For the most part there is not much you can do about it aside from sending out take down letters to...