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    Nikon D800 Live View Shutter Speed cannot go slower than 1/30

    you do have your live view switch on photo mode and not on movie mode correct?
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    Sigma 80-400 for Nikon

    Im interested in this, just have to see if i can scrounge up some $$$ :lol:
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    what do you think i could sell this for? D700, some damage to case, flash bulb broke

    So i just upgraded from a d700 to a d800 i was thinking of selling the 700 only thing.. about a year ago i picked up the camera and was carrying it by cradling the lens (nikon 80-200 f 2.8) somehow the lens wasnt clicked into the body fully and as i was walking the camera tumbled off, onto...
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    D800 - Full size and 100% crop - 70-200 2.8 VRII handheld

    nope :P single exposure with not much PP at all actually. edit unless you mean the d800 has a great dynamic range.. then yes :)
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    D800 - Full size and 100% crop - 70-200 2.8 VRII handheld

    heres a photo from my d800 and a crop from it a little shaky cause the bridge was vibrating due to traffic
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    SB600 - Aftermarket flash bulb on ebay

    was it hard to install? i just broke a bulb on one of my sb 600s, and was looking to get another
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    question for the fellow d800 owners, formatting..

    so the 2 button format on the d800 how do you change what card it formats? i want to format both cards, so i do the 2 button format and it does the cf card, but doesn't touch the sd card, i can see on the lcd display there is a little arrow beside the cf. how can i get this to erase the sd...
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    EN-EL15 FINALLY arrived.

    i was looking for some of these as well, best buy is selling them for $129 here.. wtf..
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    D800 6pfs with grip?

    i have the d700 with aftermarket meike grip, and a d800 witht he grip i have to be using nmhd AA's to get the 8fps, if i use my rechargeable alkaline batteries that i use for my flashes in it, the camera shutter wont even fully fire, they have to be good quality batteries. Im interested in a...
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    new member of the family

    after months and months it finally arrived! :mrgreen:
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    best flash for less

    find a used nikon sb600 I picked up 2 used ones off kijiji for $260 about a year or so ago.
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    lens for D800

    My lenses for my d700 ( and soon to be D800 when i get the damn phonecall :grumpy:) are nikon14-24mm 2.8 nikon50mm 1.4 nikon24-120mm nikon80-200mm 2.8 i love them all except the 24-120 hardly gets any use.
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    Markw's D800 Review Thread.

    nice posts, Im going crazy waiting for my pre order to come in :grumpy:
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    D50 exposure problem

    sounds like a problem i once had with a film slr. prob was the shutter curtian wasnt operating corectly,so part of the photo would be fine, the when the curtin hit one spot it would get stuck for like a hundredth of a second, resulting in one strip that was properly exposed, and the rest of it...